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 +====== GeoHammers ======
 +How have geological events shaped the course of human history?
 +The GeoHammers are cataclysms that affect earth at various times. ​ These are real world events, documented throughout the geological record. ​ CE means '​Common Era', usually a substitute for AD; BCE means '​Before Common Era', usually a substitute for BC.  The GeoHammers are listed in reverse chronological order; most recent events first, most ancient events last.  Several non-GeoHammer events (such as the flooding of the Black Sea) are included for modern/​historical comparisons of major events in human history. ​ These non-GeoHammer events also help allow for global correlations in events; what seems to be a local disaster may be part of a larger, global catastrophe. ​ References are given where available.
 +This page was originally designed to look for astronomical '​hammers'​ that impacted life on earth, but may soon be renamed to '​biohammers'​ that have altered and shaped life on earth in dramatic ways.  Geology and biology and human history all interact in ways not so obvious to the Geologist or the Archaeologist,​ and so we detail both events here.  The hammer concept comes from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle'​s book __Lucifer'​s Hammer__, published in 1977.\\
 +The VEI, or Volcanic Explosivity Index, runs along a scale of 1-8, with a 5 being an ejecta volume of greater than one kilometer cubed.\\
 +The Geohammers are divided into four areas of time, where Common Era replaces Anno Dominique, and Before Common Era replaces Before Christ.
 +===== Geohammers by Date =====
 +Common Era [[CE Events]]\\
 +Thousands of Years Before Common Era [[K BCE Events]]\\
 +Millions of Years Before Common Era [[M BCE Events]]\\
 +Billions of Years Before Common Era [[B BCE Events]]\\
 +Smithsonian Institution Volcano Database -- containing some 10k years worth of volcanic data.
 +==== Example Geohammer ====
 +Ludlow et alia found a strong correlation to volcanic eruptions and famines and other cold-weather events in Ireland while poring over the Irish Chronicles and comparing them to ice core samples.
 +Francis Ludlow, Alexander R Stine, Paul Leahy, Enda Murphy, Paul A Mayewski, David Taylor, James Killen, Michael G L Baillie, Mark Hennessy and Gerard Kiely. ​ 2013.  "​Medieval Irish chronicles reveal persistent volcanic forcing of severe winter cold events, 431–1649 CE" ​ //​Environmental Research Letters// Vol 8, No 2.  doi:​10.1088/​1748-9326/​8/​2/​024035
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