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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-Our party split company for a day to tend to particulars. I needed to replace my inks and replenish my supplies - easy tasks with coin in my purse! All day as I ran my errands, I kept hearing snippets of conversation about a shipment of books headed out of town. As much as I tried to eavesdrop to find out more, it seemed my efforts were consistently thwarted. I finally was able to hear the name of a place where I  might find out more - a tavern called the Sixth Breast, with a half-naked orc on the sign. I met back up with Halite and Tendaji, and we decided to go to the tavern. ​ 
-Upon entering, I immediately regretted that decision. It was dark and dank, and smelled of orcs and alcohol. After a less-than-pleasant encounter with the orcs of other inhabitants of the room, that ended with me calling for quiet in Abyssal, Halite was able to find out what we were looking for - another adventure. As we left, I was followed by a man? in black robes that spoke with a draconic accent. He mentioned that I could find work at Star's End Monastery as a translator, and that they would pay well if I could translate Abyssal. We found the team that was heading to the monastery with 2 wagons; one with supplies and one with large chests. Hainth, the driver of one, is genial, but not very bright. Call, the driver the other, is quiet and very observant. He'll be one to watch out for, I bet. We took jobs as additional guards (paid 2 coppers per day, plus food; with 1 silver each for successful delivery upon arrival). ​ 
 +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s Journal]]
 ==== Saige (Gwen) ==== ==== Saige (Gwen) ====
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