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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-I am enjoying being at the monastery. There are tons of books, and plenty to keep me occupied. I learned how to cast Find Familiar, and created Onwynn, a raven. I also learned how to cast Unseen Servant, which means that I won't have to worry with boring tasks like cleaning and patching anymore. Star'​s ​End is dedicated to the Goddess Samis, but I find that much of the knowledge stored here is going to waste; I'll have to see what I can do about it. Amantha keeps a close eye on me while I am translating. I found a couple of Druidic books that she seemed disturbed that I noticed. I feigned disinterest,​ but was able to work on them while she was distracted.  +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
- +
-The others are around, staying out of trouble, mostly. Este was able to hunt and bring back game other than what's raised here. It's comfortable,​ but I don't know how long we'll be staying.+
 ==== Saige (Gwen) ==== ==== Saige (Gwen) ====
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