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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-No comment.+Our party spent about 9 hours in flightWe escaped Este's would-be killers and arrived in the mountains, which Halite recognized as '​home'​. I've never had the opportunity to study a dwarf in the Dwarven Hills, so this should be interesting! The entire structure - Halite'​s family, the temple, the forge - are all dedicated to Galgiran. Legend says that in the depths of the forge you will find a tuft of Galgiran'​s beard, and that anything crafted on the anvil there is enchanted. I've heard that it is a goal of most clerics to eventually have something crafted on it. I shall have to remember to ask Halite about it at some point. It is interesting to note that all of the known deities have space dedicated to them in this hall. There are statues everywhere; of every known depiction of every known god. As we follow Halite through the halls, I've made mental notes to record in my journal on our way towards accommodations. There are no signs or storefronts here; only naked cave walls. There are hippotauns around; the dwarves use them as cavalry mounts. Halite knows where we are going, obviously; he doesn'​t stop for directions or hesitate to lead us directly to what appears to be a hostel. It is built directly into the stone. Food costs coin while rooms do not. Meals are 2 coppers and Dwarven brew is delicious and cheap and plentiful! Once we acquire rooms and stash our gear, the doors blend seamlessly into the walls as if by magic. I can't detect the means they use, and have real difficulty locating my room again, so I stay with Halite as much as possible.  
 +As we go to the canteen, there are creatures of every kind - tall desert elves, High Elves, Silian Elves, trows, orcs and humans - creatures of every color and size. There are no tieflings (other than Xydeco), but other, more rare races are seen. Takada Goliath (*noted; not sure what this means in my notes*). Isaac heads to the bar in the tavern with the intention of performing to make back some of the money he lost previously. The bar manager agrees and offers a 50/50 split. Zydeco swaggers around the bar looking intimidating. Galadriel and I leave him to it and go to look for Zinos. We find a chapel with an altar with a dragon'​s mouth for offerings. Galadriel is happy and content while I sit back with my notebook and record what I've seen. Afterwards, we go back to the canteen for a meal. Isaac performs and gains 25 silver. Este is in the tavern as well, at the bar drinking the Dwarves '​strongest brew'. He ends up intoxicated.  
 +Halite reports to the vicar for a briefing; gives an account of our adventures on Mt. Thralash with the mechanical spiders. The vicar tells Halite that they'​ve been getting loose and attacking pilgrims. We saw a war-forged - the vicar accepts the report and encourages Halite to read over the records and update if needed. 
 +This hall is dedicated to the trade of priests. (*Xynos & Rahne are mentioned in the margin of my notes; not sure why*)  
 +In the tavern, Isaac does a comedy routine; Este (intoxicated) thinks that he is invisible. He is stealthy and hiding pretty well. Xydeco is still exploring. He manages to work his way up into the airy section; filled with nobles and high society. A dwarf wearing plain clothes named Quartz approached Xydeco; he is some sort of security person; he noted Xydeco'​s dagger (which is hidden) and warns Xydeco to keep it close or hide it and keep it safe. Xydeco continues to explore. 
 +Este is making a spectacle of himself; he has lost his clothing and is '​hiding'​. Those who manage to see him aren't sure what they'd looking at; Este attempts to go back to his room but gets lost.  
 +After eating, Galadriel and Nalani explore, looking for a chapel dedicated to Agincoth. They find an empty sanctuary with dwarven inscriptions & craftsmanship as tribute. The mages know that Agincoth isn't dead; she faked her death and gave her '​knowlegde'​ to the church of Lul. A dwarven king with a dwarven priest who re-established the lokmages academy. It's only been 15 years since the war of the undead (global necormancy war led by a necromancer powerful enough to raise a god in his service). 
 +Este finds a bed to crash in. He thinks it's his own room and climbs into the bed. 
 +Xydeco is being tracked as he explore by people in blue livery (guards). He is slowly surrounded and starts playing dice to wait; there are 6 of them. They ask if he has been to Firland in the last couple of months. Xydeco says no; they want him to go with them. Xydeco is grabbed. The guard holding Xydeco gets knocked out(?); Xydeco doesn'​t know what happened; he is let go of. A guy dressed all in black tells Xydeco to follow him; X cuts the guard'​s pouch away and follows his rescuer.  
 +There is an explosion of light, and a man starts yelling. Galadriel and Nalani run into a guy calling for the Guard; he thinks that he accidentally summoned a demon wiht 5 eyes and 8 arms (this description doesn'​t fit any known categories). Some guards follow the guy, and Nalani and Galadriel follow. We come to an intersection and there is mass confusion, and no demon. The distraction works; the guy in black attacks Xydeco. Xydeco is stronger; the guys tried to bargain, but Xydeco kills him and removes his effects. The assasin'​s pouch contains ducats - official Rakoran currency - 300 gold, and a wanted poster signed by the vicar of Samis for 25000 silver for Xydeco. Xydeco goes back to his room and does some basic first aid to remedy the injuries he received in the fight. Xydeco tears up the wanted poster. There is silver blood (dries black) at the scene, and along the trail where Xydeco dripped. 
 +Isaac is still in the tavern, working the crowd. He tells some jokes, has some drinks, gathers gossip. He hears that there'​s a demon loose in the caves. Nalani and Galadriel have no luck finding the demon, and they go back to their rooms. Halite is still with the vicar going over reports. They hear about the demon and are called to secure the temples; to check and lock/secure the temples on this level. Halite complies with orders, then goes back to the room. The search for the demon continues; Halite meets up with Galadriel and Nalani when he sees Xydeco'​s blood. Halite puts 2-and 2 together and clears up that it's not demon blood; it's tiefling blood. Apparently there is a tiefling with red skin and white hair that is a wanted criminal. Halite does not clarify that our tiefling has black skin; or that the blood is Xydeco'​s;​ allows them to think that it is the wanted tiefling'​s blood.  
 +There is a guy in the bar bragging to Isaac that he just got paid (he's the guy that was disguised as the priest to provide a distraction to the guards so the assasin could get to Xydeco). Isaac saw Xydeco headed back to his room and follows; Xydeco wasn't looking great. 
 +Halite, Nalani, Galadriel and the guard follow the blood trail; Halite sends the guard away when he realizes that it is leading towards our rooms. Once the guard leaves, H, N and G head to Xydeco'​s room. They get the story from Xydeco; Xydeco says he has no idea why they are after him (bluff successful). Xydeco saw the man who claimed to have seen the demon; Isaac knows who he is. After healing Xydeco, Halite goes with Isaac to the bar. Xydeco switches rooms with Halite to be less easy to find. Halite confronts the impostor priest in the bar and takes him to the guard. While Halite and Isaac are in the guard station, a body is brought in; it is the assasin that Xydeco killed. The guards ask Halite to examine the body. Another human hunter-priest comes in who can speak the celestial tongue to try and speak to the soul of the body. The body responds and the guards all tense (this act being reminiscent of the raising of the undead) and says that a red-skinned tiefling killed him. The body says that the tiefling'​s name is Xydeco. One of the guards knows something more; he knows that Xydeco is here - perhaps he is in on the assassination attempt? The hunter-priest conjures a spectral wolf. It takes off and Halite, Isaac and the guard follow. Nalani and Galadriel are still with Xydeco in Halite'​s room. The wold is sniffing, looking for and finding the blood trail.  
 +Este is still retired in a room; he is accosted by an orc and screams... 
 +Galadriel goes to check on Este, but the scream cuts off; not before Galadriel pinpoints the direction it came from. She goes to the door and knocks - no answer. Uses witchbolt to try and force the lock; blows the door open and finds a huge, beefy orc sharpening a butcher knife with Este tied up, covered in oil and naked. Galadriel fights the orc, but is grabbed by the neck and pulled into the room and the door slammed behind her. 
 +In the tavern, the spectral wolf has followed the blood trail. Isaac misreads the crowd; cant figure out why the crowd is agitated. The wolf leads Halite and Isaac and the guard back towards the rooms but the blood trail dissipates. The hunter priest wants to go door to door; tries some but most are locked. The guard passes by the room Galadriel is in fighting with the orc, but he is silent and had he by the throat and so the hunter priest passes by. He checks Halite'​s room; Nalani opens the door, is questioned by the guard and they move on (Xydeco is in hiding). Halite recognizes the scorch marks on the orc's door as belonging to Galadriel and calls the guard; they force the door open and it pops back closed; the orc complains, but the guards force the door open and finds Galadriel unconscious and Este trussed up, covered in butter with an apple in his mouth. The orc is acting nonchalant, but is arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder. Este is recognized and Halite confirms that Este is Lord Grey Lakes. Galadriel is very badly hurt; Halite heals her and vouches for G and E's identity. Este is also healed but feels weird; smells like wine and butter and the best Dwarven brew...Isaac finds much inspiration for his tales! 
 +The guard continue looking for the tiefling and find none; Halite redirects the hunter priest and guard to search elsewhere. Este goes to bathe and Nalani is assigned to babysit him. Xydeco comes out of hiding and Halite questions him; is conflicted about what to do. Halite didn't see any wanted posters; believes Xydeco'​s story and is on his side since the intel from the guards is wonky. Isaac goes back to the tavern and works the crowd; hears about a very large reward for a red-skinned tiefling. One of the guard has a flyer with a picture of a tiefling in his pocket and Isaac can barely see the corner of it... 
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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