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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-Este has been dreaming...the details come back to him about what transpired the previous evening until he can recall every detail with perfect clarity. He ended up sleeping in the same room with Isaac and Xydeco, with Halite sleeping in front of the door to prevent Este from escaping in the middle of the night. ​Nalani ​and Galadriel shared a room. Nalani dreams of eyes made of light; a woman repeating a phrase over and over again 'elbis rever era slleps lla'. She doesn'​t understand the language, or the words; even when written down. Using '​comprehend languages'​ spell creates a blinding white visual feedback that prevents translation,​ although the words glow with arcane power. This is a problem for another time, unfortunately. +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
-In the morning, Este is whittling and trying to teach his dragon to play fetch. Xydeco has a new scar on his neck which shows up grey on his black skin. Isaac goes back to the tavern to gather more information. He meets and attache to one of the priests who is a representative of all the gods and is quite nervous; there is a dwarven paladin Inquisitor of Galgiran asking questions. She is a scary woman in full armor made up of coins and runes, carrying a large hammer. Paladins always wear the symbol of their god on their vambraces; they'​re militant. People die when Paladins come around. A tomanth approaches Isaac with a description of our party based on old descriptions (which include Tendaji and Klaris). His name is Lissik, and offers Issac a bribe - apparently we're wanted in Firland by his friends. The Silver Slyph has something for them/us. The paladin wants to talk with us. Isaac persuades the barkeep to let us use the salt room to meet with the paladin. He leaves her there, leaves the room and casts invisibility on himself then leaves to get the rest of the party. He knocks, and Halite answers the door; Isaac tells everyone in the room what's going on, and Issac, Halite and Este go to talk with the paladin. In the girl's room, Nalani is hyper-focused on her dream. Galadriel bolts awake when Halite knocks on the door, and Nalani goes with Halite, Issac and Este to talk to the paladin. +
-The Paladin'​s name is Estella Bandylegs; she was adpoted by the badylegs dwarves. Her father is someone known by reputation to Halite. She confirms Halite'​s story with truth coals and is told that in addition to the 500 gold reward we have yet to collect, we are owed a favor by the Barron. Tomanths enter the room; we prep for attack and Halite uses compel the one closest to him to explain what's going on. They'​re offering service and blades to serve Lord Grey Lakes (Este). Este gives them each a glowstone. Este knights a tomanth to be the leader of their land; Sir Alarack. Nalani & Isaac go back to the rooms.  +
- +
-The necromancy wards go off all over the caves. +
-Halite shoves the tomanths to the back of the room with Este and shuts the door. Nalani definitely feels '​something'​. She, Xydeco, Galadriel and Issac head down to the tavern to see what'​s ​going on. There is a fight against shadow things. 3 are destroyed; there is one invisible foe who flees when Halite shows a religious symbol. +
-(*session ends mid-combat*)+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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