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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-*game begins mid-battle* +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
-The main enemy is 6'​4"​ and practically invincible. He is accompanied by an unknown number of invisible foes, and several reanimated corpses. The party engages. Xydeco begins. ​Nalani ​casts acid splash at an invisible target using 'see invisibility'​. The acid does no damage; just kind of splashes on and around a '​blank'​ space, but rolled off like water. Isaac becomes invisible and moves closer to the big target with Xydeco. Halite conjures a spiritual weapon, attacks and misses. Fighting alongside us, the paladin is killed. Xydeco is injured, and Isaac casts healing word on him to help. Nalani casts acid splash at the invisible target again, and it does half damage. The main target is full of rage and anger; he feels betrayed. Apparently Este's dragon Edyeard is the target, but Este sends him to fly away. Isaac heals Xydeco again, and Halite moved, forcing the big guy back. Nalani uses Elidor'​s Blade and takes out one of the reanimated dead near the big guy in a flame of green and purple radiance. This is a long and hard bettle; there are backup forces in the form of a spectral army coming into the tavern.  +
- +
-Halite uses suggestion to talk to the big guy. He's looking for The Traitor, bard Herod N'​timeh,​ who caused the War of the Four Winds and organized several invasions and almost destroyed Rakore. In communication,​ Halite tells him that we are in search/​pursuit of him also. Este's father gave the Traitor sanctuary; Este'​s ​dragon knows where the Traitor is.+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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