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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-Date28 Davor +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
- +
-The crowd is in shock. They'​re a powderkeg ready to turn on Este. There are a LOT of questions that need to be answered. Halite picks up the paladin'​s hammer. The big undead guy isn't fitting into any of the known norms of what Nalani ​is familiar with as a necromancer - which she still has not disclosed to the party. Este has disappeared;​ he'​s ​gone after Edyeard. The big guy - Rex - is taken into custody (or goes with the guard). Nalani and Halite go confer wit the dwarf cleric supervisors;​ Xydeco goes back to his room; Isaac stays in the tavern to help get the crowd under control. The tomanths aren't with Este. The clerics, monks and priests are re-setting the wards; we need to know why. They were already tripped when the undead came through (they weren'​t immune). Nalani realizes just how many wards are in place (and types); resolves to keep her particular profession and practice a secret.  +
- +
-A horde of undead insects/​shells came in before the undead soldiers to trip the wards, which are designed to detect mass, intellect, etc. Halite suggests an additional type of alarm to alert that the wards have been tripped, and Nalani has some suggestions for improvements as well. All of the warriors who fought in this battle are healed and ready to fight if necessary. The Bishop recognizes the paladin'​s hammer and asks about her. Halite explains what happened and is granted authorization of use the hammer (Fire Heart); are also told to find her ring to locate Este. Bishop gives Halite a clay token with Galgiran on one side and the Bishop on the other with instructions to break it if they need help - the 'Eye of Galgiran'​ will open and they will come.  +
- +
-Halite and Nalani go back to the tavern to look for the paladin'​s ring. It's gone; the party reconvenes in our room and relate their sides of the story. Isaac recounts the death toll; 50 people killed in this attack. We rest; Xydeco gives up the ring of tracking he took off the paladin'​s body and Nalani studies her spell book and journal; the phrase from her dream continues to haunt her withough translation or resolution, 'elbis rever era slleps lla'. The party, save Nalani, sleeps. Edyeard returns; Este is still out looking for him. Edyeard communicates with Nalani and tells her that he outran the undead; he hoped Este was in the room; and asks for a treat which Nalani provides. Nalani talks more with Edyeard, and finds out that the Traitor is on Hammer Isle, per Edyeard. Then she sends Onwynn to scout for Este with a message in the scroll case. When Onwynn returns, he's projecting '​alarm'​ and sends Nalani a confusing message. '​Este'​ has kidnapped '​Este'​. Nalani rouses the party and we decide to bring Edyeard to talk to the Bishop. We tell him what we know, and are told that there was once a mercenary group known as The Marksmen & Doom Rex - an ogre title; our big guy is apparently this Rex.  +
-We drop Edyeard off at the room with Xydeco, and Isaac, Nalani, Halite & Galadriel go to talk with Rex.  +
- +
-We go to the roost; where the rock-hawks nest (tended by orcs; main doors of the caves). We are alone save for 2 sleeping hawks and their tending orcs. The temperature has dropped dramatically;​ it is bone-chillingly cold. It's the beginning of Freeze - 2 days of dark begin tonight. Everyone, including Onwynn, is affected by the dark. He reports seeing something impossible - a sailing ship in mid-air...aaaannnd we're kidnapped. +
- +
-Onwynn is right; somehow, a large pirate-looking sailing ship is flying. A fair-skinned,​ human man with dark, long hair wearing with lots of rings and jewelry greets us from the ship, and after a tense negotiation,​ tells us that we must go with them & Rex to Hammer Island. We decline, and are trapped when they drop a net down on us & start hauling us up. Galadriel blasts a hole in it with a lightning bolt. Nalani hits the ground and lands on her feet and manages to fire a crossbow bolt, but misses the guy she was aiming at. Galadriel, Isaac and Halite fall out of the net and suffer fall damage. +
- +
-*end of game*+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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