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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-(3-16-17 - leveled up to 5; game play notes are brief) +[[gaeleth:stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
- +
-(notesomehow, Este is back in the picture. My notes don't cover that) +
- +
-We fought the undead, using help summoned via Halite'​s broken token from the Bishop. An army of priests and clerics arrived to help us fight off the undead. As we were fighting, the flying ship took off in one direction, and a kidnapped Este in the other on the back of a rockhawk. Xydeco and Edyeard also came out to the roost; Xydeco has the ring of tracking (from the paladin; Halite had evidently given it back to him at some point). The ring alerted Xydeco that Este was moving away from our location and he came to find us. +
- +
-We need to decide what our plan will be! +
- +
-(4-21-17) +
-*in-game time1-2AM* +
-Nalani ​& Galadriel attempt to talk to and hire the orcs and a rockhawk so we can follow Este. There are clerics tending to the orcs who have been injured in the battle but their healing spells aren't working. The arrows they were hit with are enchanted. When the clerics break the arrows in once of the orcs, there is a blast of energy/​magic,​ and both Nalani and Galadriel talke some damage. The orc dies. The other orc is still alive, arrows in tact. The arrows are designed to take their target to death'​s ​door and keep them there. Galadriel has seen this kind of magic before and after advising the clerics, the remaining orc is saved. +
- +
-We talk to the Cleric Commander and he charges the orc sargeant to follow Este and help us. He prepares the rockhawk and we prepare for flight. Xydeco and Halite are still afraid of the bird, but take seats in the front with the orc handler. We get strapped on and take flight. Galadriel casts prestidigitation to help Isaac and Nalani keep warm since the air is frigid in flight. +
- +
-Este awakes mid-flight and discovers that he is tied up, freezing, and in the air aboard a rockhawk. He works on getting himself freed from his bonds. Nalani uses the time in flight to study the hawk and check her mental maps against what little she can see as they fly over. Xydeco feels a tug in the ring; the orcs flying their rockhawk are looking for the one that Este's kidnapper stole; Xydeco guides them in the right direction with gestures. Halite casts '​tongues'​ so he can talk to and understand the rockhawk we are flying on. When the spell hits, we can hear it yelling for the other hawk, whose name is Fledges with Morning Wind. (I think there was a minor skirmish; our hawk ended up with a lightening burn on the wing, but my notes don't mention it at this point). Apparently, Morning Wind hears our hawk and descends into a steep dive. Our hawk follows. The birds are flying closer to the ground; it's clear that the elf flying the lead hawk knows the terrain.  +
- +
-We discover our rockhawk'​s name - Soars with Stars. We land because Morning Wind flew along a river and pulled ahead of us and we lost it. We dismount, and heal Stars from the lightening burn on her wing. We take flight again with Xydeco and Halite in the back this time. We head out in the direction we last saw Morning Wind flying in.  +
- +
-By this time, it's about 4AM. Isaac and Halite combine their powers to help Stars from Morning Wind. We finally reach them and Isaac and Nalani coordinate and attack on both the bird and rider. Mid-flight, Este jumps from Morning Wind into Stars' saddle. We figure out how the rider was controlling Morning Wind, and free her. Stars moves to attack the rider on Morning Wind and the elf injures Stars and escapes. We land both birds and search for the elf. There is no sign of him, so we gather to interrogate Este. The consensus is that Este will provide answers, or else.+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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