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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-(in-game time & date8-9AM, Trivor 1) +[[gaeleth:stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
- +
-We are inside the compound. There is a fortune in silk webbing just lying around. Nalani and Galadriel have collected some of it, as well as samples from the recently deceased carrion crawler at their feet. The venom sacs collected will expire eventually, so they are marked with the date, though Galadriel figures out a way to extend the life of the venom sacs. +
- +
-There is another carrion crawler headed our way. We wait until it reaches us, but engage first. Galadriel shoots an arrow at it. It is barely damaged and sprints forward towards us. It grabs Halite and Galadriel in its tentacles and Isaac casts animal friendship on it. Halite is paralyzed but still manages to conjure a spiritual weapon and knock it unconscious. Xydeco kills it and Nalani cuts Halite free of the tentacles and we wait to give him and Galadriel time to recover. Nalani, Galadriel and Este take additional samples, and Nalani journals about her findings. Once everyone is sufficiently rested, we move towards the building.  +
- +
-Inside the first building, the smaller of the two main structures inside the compound, and closest to the wall and the gate, we find bones covered in the same webbing we found outside. Among the bones are those of a hill giant. Xydeco collects 2 large teeth, and we move on to a smaller building and find more of the same. We move to the larger of the two main buildings. There is an open double door attached to the barn that is connected to the tunnels. It has a raised and open section on the roof, like a stable or barn. Galadriel and Este climb to the roof. They drop a lit torch inside and find that the interior of the building seems to be covered in a webbed cocoon of sorts. The fire creates a hole in the web, but it starts to heal itself. Through the hole, they see something moving about, and are able to see stalls (like a stable or barn). There are 5 carrion crawlers inside the barn; the webbing is being spun by two crawlers that are apparently on the ceiling of the cocoon, closing it up again.  +
- +
-Halite attempts to climb to the roof, but falls and ends up tangled in webbing in front of the open door to the barn. Nalani gets Halite free and they clear the debris from the other door, and as Xydeco is attacked, we manage to close and bolt the doors with Este's enchanted spear. In the process, Nalani'​s hands are shredded. +
- +
-(next gamefix Nalani'​s ​hands; everyone needs to rest and healing. we need a better solution for the doors - possibly the roof? Kill the crawlers from above?)+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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