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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-We scramble to the roof, being careful of Nalani'​s ​hands. There is a general feeling of unease separate from the carawlers in the barn. We ahve the feeling like we are being watched. Este casts detect magic and discovers that someone is scrying on us. The feeling is getting stronger, but we disregard it for now since there'​s nothing we can do about it. Halite heals Nalani'​s hands. From the roof of the barn, we see a third rockhawk approach. Nalani casts '​message'​ at the rider: 'Who are you bringing; what is your purpose here?'​. There'​s no answer, but they alight on the wall and a cloaked and hooded figure dressed in black descends. The person is holding up a silver necklace. Este's magic is still active, lighting up several people in our party and their accessories,​ including the newcomer in different colors and intensities. The newcomer has a shield; a Knight approaches and announces that Galadriel has been summoned to LockMages. Izabella, the knight, is assigned to protect Lord Grey Lakes until his trial. ​+[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
-Este is surprised he is unaware of an impending trial. After brief introductions,​ and a quick explanation of our current situation, Izabella agrees to lend her sword and skills to help us. Galadriel mounts the rockhawk and leaves the party while we prepare to try to deal with the crawlers inside the barn. They are pounding on the doors; we know they won't hold for long. We flank the roof, and Nalani uses acid splash to burn through the protective webbing inside the barn. We see a crawler move to repair the web, and the party attacks. Izabella severs a few tentacles, Este deals damage, Halite conjures his spiritual weapon. Este sends a hail of thorns and Issac aids Izabella with bardic inspiration. Nalani uses acid splash to widen and lengthen the hole in the webbing, and Izabella hits the crawler again. Several of the crawlers are bloody at this point; Este finally kills one with a bow.  
-We realize that the elf that kidnapped Este is bound in webbing inside the barn. Nalani calls down to him but only receives a muffled response; we suspect he is paralyzed as well. There'​s another animal inside the barn; an elk. There is a storm approaching. One of the crawlers is feeding on the body of the one Este killed; Xydeco sneak attacks it, Halite strikes with his hammer. Isaac throws a flask of oil and a torch onto it. The oil flask doesn'​t break, so it doesn'​t catch fire. Este uses his bow and fires the killing shot for this crawler as well. There is a sound like nails on a chalkboard from within one of the other buildings. Nalani uses Mage Hand to lift the spear that is holding the door shut. Xydeco and Halite move to cover the doors. One crawler comes out and Halite attacks. The webbing seems to be vibrating; something is coming and it's making a high-pitched tone. Xydeco attacks the crawler as an adult chuul comes into view. Issac tried to befriend it and Xydeco attacks, but does no damage. Izabella casts Cloud of Daggers, but dark somehow. The chuul approaches and attacks Xydeco. Nalani throws 'seeds that entangle and enemy'​s feet'. Vines grow to entangle and enclose the chuul, which restricts its movement. Izabella is distracted by the sound; Este attacks but is ineffective. Halite helps Xydeco, and while they are distracted, Nalani uses Inflict Wounds to destroy one of the chuul'​s claws. She's never used a necromatic spell before; she managed to stealth it. All the others see is a flash of green and purple light and the chuul'​s claw disintegrating. Only Este sees what actually happened, but Nalani shushes him to keep her secret. The fact that Nalani was able to do so much damage with a single spell is impressive. Este and Nalani attack the chuul again, and Xydeco severs the damaged claw. Isaac gives Este a magical boost, but the chuul grabs Xydeco, goes through the Cloud of Daggers and into the barn.  
-We descend from the roof of the barn to the ground, some more gracefully than others. Nalani injures her knee in the process. Xydeco breaks free of the chuul, but it almost trapped by the 2 remaining crawlers in the barn. He escapes and comes outside. The chuul and crawlers move to the farthest corner of the barn. Halite rushes in and snips a cocoon from the ceiling to re-fuel. Este is the only one who sees her; he and Izabella attack the crawlers. One of them explodes, leaving one remaining crawler and the chuul to deal with. 
-Nalani fires a crossbow bolt, but does minimal damage. Xydeco needs healing, so he is moved closer to Halite. Issac creates a Molotov cocktail and moves into position to attack. The chuul moves closer to us and grabs Halite in its claw while the the carrion crawler moves closer, grabs Issac and bites him. Nalani, hidden, touches the chuul from behind and casts Inflict Wounds, which kills it. Izabella attacks the crawler but deals no damage. Este attacks and misses the crawler, but hits one of the cocoons and splits it open, revealing a person inside. Halite attacks by setting the crawler on fire. Zydeco attacks and finally kills it. Isaac disassembles the Molotov cocktail and corks it for later. Nalani ignites Elidor'​s Blade and kills the elk. Isaac casts '​detect magic' and sees Izabella'​s sword as well as many other items belonging to various members of the party light up. There is no glow around the cocooned elf. Halite frees the elf from the cocoon but binds him and checks to see if he's a magical creation; he looks *exactly* like Este. A doppelganger would light up, but there'​s no glow. The Este look-alike is hurt, so Halite heals him so he doesn'​t die, though he is still affected by the carrion crawler poison. ​ 
-(*next game: interview the bound elf; take a short rest. The storm is coming; we should call the orcs to us to shelter in the barn*) 
 ==== Saige (Galadriel / Izabella) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel / Izabella) ====
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