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 +====== Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Background ======
 +With the founding of [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]] came acknowledgement that [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Gideon Enterprises]],​ a private shipping and mercenary outfit, had helped to found the nation. ​ With the proliferation of high profile outfits, such as the [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Youngbloods]] mercenaries,​ [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Mercenaries Limited]], [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Maleah'​s Mercantile]],​ and [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Meridian Explorations]],​ the [[gaeleth:​places:​Star'​s End Monastery]] felt that it was time to underwrite an outfit of their own.  The outfit would have to be low profile, not associated with the monastery, and occasionally obtain rare or valuable manuscripts even if the owners did not want to part them.
 +Thus, the [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Procurators Adventuring Guild]] was established in Boulderdash,​ run by Arnold Walker. ​ Master Walker paid the taxes (after a bit of laundering) on the adventuring guild, and maintained a small building in [[gaeleth:​places:​Boulderdash]] with stables for six horses, a dormitory with three sets of twin bunk beds, a locked room with enough weapons to barely be called an armory, a small kitchen with a table for four, and a tiny office with all the paperwork and accounting.
 +Now and again, someone would use Master Walker'​s building, but the majority of the time he made it look like there were more people coming and going than was true.  And, occasionally,​ members of the guild would actually stop there for a respite or additional orders, before traveling on.
 +Although the idea for the outfit belonged to Brother Irol, management fell to Brother Cadwhol -- who had, himself, been something of a mercenary in his younger days.
 +Reference: ​ [[Campaign IX]]
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