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 +====== Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Episode 12 ======
 +===== Orc Harvest =====
 +**Location:​** ​ [[gaeleth:​places:​Star'​s End Monastery]],​ Tikranor Plateau
 +**Date:** Fall, 1332 Avard
 +**Characters:​** ​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Ferric]],​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Yurok]],​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Ivy]], ​
 + I Monastery needs ebonite
 +  A. The Tikranor Plateau sometimes has some
 +  B. Orcs occupy the plateau
 +  C. Team must be sent in to find ebonite
 +  D. Chest of 2000 silver sent
 + II Stopover in Takanal
 +  A. Buys a goat
 +  B. Obtains an accolyte to the Harvest God
 + III Ambush
 +  A. A dozen orc bandits strike at night
 +  B. Accolyte wounded gravely
 +  C. Bandit leader slain
 +  D. Remaining bandits intimidated
 +  E. Accolyte healed / traumatized
 + IV Contact
 +  A. Orc village of Hralna north of the pass
 +  B. Captain Grimarm negotiates with team
 +  C. False trade company established
 +  D. Accolyte determines to stay and help
 +  E. Accolyte shows orcs food wealth of plains
 +  F. Ebonite earned
 +   1. Armband of leadership won gaming
 +   2. Purse of ebonite offered as down payment
 + V Fulfillment
 +  A. Squad of orcs accompanies team to Takanal
 +  B. Chest of silver spent on farm animals
 +  C. Animals escorted back to plateau
 +Story Forthcoming...
 +====== Behind the Scenes ======
 +**Date:​** ​ THU06MAR2014
 +**DM's Notes:​** ​ I appreciate the guys putting up with the chaos that is family life.  We got in five minutes before Ross and Paul, and then had to clean up puppy poop, take care of children, clean off the table, coordinate meals, console a toddler, direct a child, redirect a teenager, tweak some characters, et cetera, ad nauseum. ​ I don't think we really even started truly playing until eight o'​clock,​ after I put Sarah to bed.  We ran late, partially because I don't have a clock where I can see it, and partially because Sam and Ross both wanted a piece of ebonite pie and all three wanted some good set up for down the road, adventure wise.  T'was a good lil adventure that changed the future of Rakore -- and none of it was planned. ​ Paul did choose to rename his character Aragonite to Ferric, so that's going to cause some interesting fixes issues. ​ Probably the single coolest moment of the evening was having a fight in the dark with an orc ambush, and a one-two punch from Ivy and Yurok takes the boss down from 60 hit points, to nothing, in one round. ​ Boom, baby!
 +**Reference:​** [[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign IX:Campaign IX]]
 +==== Paul (Aragonite / Ferric) ====
 +No comment.
 +==== Ross (Yurok) ====
 +No comment.
 +==== Sam (Ivy) ====
 +No comment.
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