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 +====== Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Episode 13 ======
 +===== Aerie of Slaves =====
 +**Location:​** ​ [[gaeleth:​places:​Star'​s End Monastery]],​ Rainbow Mountain
 +**Date:** Fall, 1332 Avard
 +**Characters:​** ​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Ferric]],​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Yurok]],​ [[gaeleth:​people:​Ethana]], ​
 +I. The Mission
 +   A. Recent tapestry acquisition shows location of Ocle Vian
 +   B. Historically,​ the name has been associated with the Rainbow Mage
 +   C. Rainbow Mountain is even thought to be named after him
 +   D. He was a slaver mage some time before the Storm Wars
 +II. The Ascent
 +   A. All mounts save Zwei left at monastery
 +   B. Party starts out on the first day of winter
 +   C. Weather holds till that evening
 +   D. Storms hold them an extra day
 +   E. Three more days to rough location on the mountain
 +III. Entry
 +   A. Eagles nest together in rookery
 +   B. Rookery flights lead team to entryway
 +   C. No door, but mantle says Unth Elok
 +     1. Entryway arcanely protected against weather
 +     2. Mage bolters blast anything that moves in the hallway
 +     3. Skull-sized chalcopyrites fire variety of bolts
 +   D. Use the rookery
 +     1. Was once a windowed room
 +     2. A blast of some kind took out the thick windows
 +     3. Eagles object, but but are easily taken care of
 +IV. Garden Arena
 +   A. Rookery leads to...
 +     1. Arena?
 +     2. Garden?
 +   B. Was once a giant tree
 +     1. Emptied out bowl of the trunk remains
 +       a. All else that remains is a shard a yard long
 +       b. Later identified as Sacrifice Tree
 +       c. Soaks up a lot of blood
 +   C. Paths cleared through vegetation that grows
 +V. Aerie
 +   A. Elven design, Dwarven construction
 +   B. Kitchens were once magical
 +     1. Fresh preserved fruit still inside a box
 +     2. Carbon coats everything
 +   C. Walls are brilliantly polished everywhere else
 +   D. Master had to have flown
 +     1. Master bedroom accessible by flight
 +     2. Accessible by hallway
 +       a. Mage bolter removed from one place
 +   E. Entryway Statue
 +     1. Faces out
 +     2. Yurok knocks it down
 +     3. Blasters hit anything that moves in that area
 +   F. Servant Quarters
 +     1. Five rooms open into larger room
 +     2. Everything scoured away save one room
 +     3. One room has polished walls chiseled on
 +       a. Dwarf left letter
 +       b. Mage not seen in 50 years, he writes
 +       c. 'The Cube' kills them all, one by one, growing
 +VI. Show Down
 +   A. Fifteen foot cubed gelatinous mass
 +   B. Colored in a variety of hues
 +   C. Beats on them
 +   D. Sucks Bastion in to digest him
 +   E. Ferric unable to leave his '​companion'​
 +   F. Yurok stays at a distance firing quarrels and shot
 +   G. Ethana uses hammer to pin cube
 +   H. Bastion finally gets free
 +   I. All retreat down a hallway that slows the big cube
 +   J. Blast it from a distance until it falls apart.
 +      1. Three enchanted items survived
 +        a. A ring
 +          i. //Ring of Uncanny Judgement//
 +        b. A mage's master tome
 +          i. heavily ensorcelled against intrusion
 +        c. A necklace
 +          i. the necklace makes the wearer safe from mage blasters
 +          ii. it is enscribed with Unth Elok
 +V. Aftermath
 +   A. Yurok and Ferric begin making plans to occupy the retreat
 +   B. Camp and rest at the site before heading back
 +====== Behind the Scenes ======
 +**Date:​** ​ THU13MAR2014
 +**DM's Notes:​** ​ I desperately need to remember to get a small clock that I can see while I'm behind my DM screen. ​ There'​s a giant, three foot across clock right behind my seat, but I can't see it to pay attention to it.  Since we game on Thursday nights and we all work the next morning, we have to wrap things up at a reasonable time.  Ross and Paul wanted to keep playing from last session, but without Sam we didn't have the right team members. ​ Keeping things episodic will have to be enforced for awhile, I think, until they'​ve got the characters they want and a stable group setting. ​ With Sam not there, Sommer brought in a dwarven rune priest.
 +**Reference:​** [[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign IX:Campaign IX]]
 +==== Paul (Ferric) ====
 +No comment.
 +==== Ross (Yurok) ====
 +I'm writing a summary from Yurok'​s point of view for this latest recap, and Paul has written a recap on the orc plateau adventure, so we can post those in addition to what you have here.
 +"That would be AWESOME!"​ -Joe (DM)
 +==== Sommer (Ethana) ====
 +No comment.
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