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 +====== Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Summary ======
 +**Characters Include (in order of appearance):​**\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lintrell]] - played by Paul Sward\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Yurok]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ilith]] - played by Bill Self\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lucard Wildstep]] - played by Bo Brennan\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Stonda]] - played by Sam Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Batri]] - played by Danny Park\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Morion]] - played by Paul Sward\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Madresh]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Halkad]] - played by Sam Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Koristhene]] - played by Paul Sward\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Jariskorn]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lo-Kan]] - played by Sam Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ash]] - played by Sommer Parish\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Shauny]] - played by Tabitha Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Riya]] - played by Sommer Parish\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Nedda]] - played by Sommer Parish\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aragonite]] [[gaeleth:​people:​Ferric]] - played by Paul Sward\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Thorfinn]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Cornelius]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Padai]] - played by Sam Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ivy]] - played by Sam Deutsch\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ethana]] - played by Sommer Parish\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Elendil]] - played by Caileb Linscomb\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lily]] - played by Saige Linscomb\\
 +Special Appearance of [[gaeleth:​people:​Dolon Uther]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Allie]] - played by Saige Linscomb\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Nyssa]] - played by Sommer Parish\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rip]] - played by Ross Rogers\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Kragma]] - played by Paul Sward\\
 +[[IX-7-1]] - Indenturitude\\
 +Lintrell and Yurok retrieved from Hallis Island'​s prisoner population by Brother Cadwhol, who has created the Procurators Adventuring Guild on paper, but in reality will aid the Star's End monastery in retrieving valuable writings.
 +[[IX-7-2]] - Spiders in a Storm\\
 +Lintrell and Yurok meet Ilith, and the three investigate some ruins south of the monastery. ​ Inside the ruins is a giant spiders'​ nest and an ancient Karatikan blessing stone.
 +[[IX-7-3]] - Blood Vines\\
 +Lucard Wildstep visits the monastery, and helps Lintrell deal with a blood vine master attempting to get sneak in wearing the skin of a slain monk.  Lintrell and several monks are killed in the kitchens.
 +[[IX-7-4]] - Ring of Stones\\
 +Lady Stonda, Banner Paladin of Samis Madresh, the assassin Batri, and the sword mage of fire and ice Morion are tasked with investigating '​ringing stones'​ near the farm hold of Patricus. ​ They find the tomb of the Autumn Lord Lestelestiyevzh and defeat his undead guardians. ​ Two ancient tapestries are retrieved from the tomb.
 +[[IX-7-5]] - Wolfrider Bandit\\
 +Stonda, her guardian Halkad, and the twin monks Koristhene and Jariskorn are sent on an emergency rescue mission to protect books and scrolls stolen from a caravan that was nearly wiped out.  A kobold wolf rider had a document signed by Vedik consigning the hiring of mercenaries to obtain a dragon-scripted book from the caravan. ​ They also find dangerous books that could kill or trap the unwary.
 +[[IX-7-6]] - Staynair'​s Steel\\
 +The mercenary company known as Staynair'​s Steel -- led by the mage Ehlena Staynair -- assaults the monastery. ​ The construction site atop the ridge becomes the site of a battle ground for control of the region and access to the monastery'​s secrets.
 +[[IX-7-7]] - Giant Silk Robes\\
 +A second band of Staynair'​s Steel, perhaps unaware that their mistress had fallen, is preyed upon by a Nabrolian hill giant that has allied itself with ambush spiders. ​ The Procurators prove victorious against an ambush, and come away with spider silk armor.
 +[[IX-7-8]] - Demon Tailor\\
 +The tailor Kauvil in Kashin got ahold of Argunas'​ holy book, and used it to summon a demon to his bidding. ​ The monastery wanted the book, as it was a rare copy in the demonic script. ​ After sending the demon back where it came from -- with Kauvil -- the team found the book.
 +[[IX-7-9]] - Rotten Priest\\
 +An orc priest of Mazripos slipped into the catacombs of the monastery, along with several other orcs.  One of them was an orc elite known as a mohawk. ​ The orcs were cleared out, but there were questions as to what they were after.
 +[[IX-7-10]] - Vine Master\\
 +The Autumn Lord tapestry showed the location of an ancient dwarven mine, long thought lost.  The area was saturated with blood vines, and a blood vine master that controlled them.  A firestorm was used to burn them back to the ruins, but no one could go in.
 +[[IX-7-11]] - To Skin a Frog\\
 +Orc records were absconded by a hidden valley of grippli. ​ The records were written on grippli skins by Itzak during his explorations of the west.  After intimidating the primitives, negotiations were made in good faith.
 +[[IX-7-12]] - Orc Harvest\\
 +The Tikranor Plateau has bits of ebonite ore scattered about its surface. ​ The monastery needed some for their ebonite supplier, as it was used to conjure the shadar. ​ Yurok established a faux trading company to trade with the orcs, the monastery got its ebonite and a promise of more.
 +[[IX-7-13]] - Aerie of Slaves\\
 +The Autumn Lord's tapestry indicated a place known as Ocle Vian located on Rainbow Mountain. ​ Ocle Vian translated in the olde tongues to Rainbow Mage.  Inside a hard-to-access,​ magically warded fortress, a giant gelatinous cube wandered amongst chaotic chalcopyrite blasters and empty slave quarters.
 +[[IX-7-14]] - Defaced Magic\\
 +Ruins deep within the forest had the remains of a grand temple that used to be of Agincoth, but was defaced and cursed by the Inquisition. ​ The catacombs below the broken temple held ancient scrolls and books -- and arcane magics in the area go terribly awry.
 +[[IX-7-15]] - Red Steel Monk\\
 +An exchange in Firland is intercepted by a lady in red silks and red steel. ​ Vassidi, priestess of Samis...
 +[[IX-7-16]] - Master Tarshel\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +[[IX-7-17]] - Edward Gray\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +[[IX-7-18]] - A Visit to the Spa\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +[[IX-7-19]] - The Ionian Guardian\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +[[IX-7-20]] - Undead Trees\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +[[IX-7-21]] - The Merchant'​s Treehouse, Part 1\\
 +Summary forthcoming.
 +Back to [[Campaign IX]]
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