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 +====== Campaign V, The Hunters and the Hunted ======
 +Campaign V consists of several chapters, spanning several years of time in Rakore and for it.  Chapter One deals with a small group of characters delving into the mystery of the mercenary group known as the Marksmen. ​ Chapter Two is the tale of one of the few gnomes on Gaeleth making a run for the one place that would be safe for him:  Rakore. ​ Chapter Four deals with the quest for Al Mudim -- a fabled artifact that could destroy whole worlds. ​ Chapter Five deals with a lead-up to 'the Night of Assassins'​ in the Rakoran city of Kashin; the night is something of a harbinger of the ogran invasions during the War of the Four Winds.
 +====== Chapter One ======
 +A small group of people banded together to take on a delivery job from the Star's End monastery. ​ The coffer they were to deliver attracted too much of the wrong kind of attention, and the group suddenly found themselves dealing with a man by the name of Doom Rex, and his mercenary Marksmen. ​ In the end, the group discovered the ruins of Tymarell, a long-lost city-state just north of Takanal, Rakore.
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Phoenix Rising]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Tramin McNeilson]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Ahira Bandylegs]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Hone Galadel]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-1]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-2]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-3]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-4]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-5]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-6]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-7]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-8]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:V-1-9]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​campaigns:​campaign V:​V-1-10]]\\
 +====== Chapter Two ======
 +Gnomes were very nearly extinct on Gaeleth, until one arrived by accident. ​ Most of the gnomes had fled to another world, where they were content to stay.  By accident, though, one returned; gathering around him powerful individuals,​ he rallied them to move away from the Empire of Vridara, and seek out a new land.  Their adventures would take them across the continent of Halganath, a journey of nearly 4,500 miles by land, and by air.
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Faeradd Bunuckle]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Rain Straith]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Travis Durasoth]]\\
 +====== Chapter Three ======
 +Chapter Three data is virtually nonexistent.
 +====== Chapter Four ======
 +Chapter Four dealt with the Quest for Al Mudim, and led into the War of the Four Winds. ​ The quest became so dangerous, with so much involved, that the party split -- such that attention would be drawn to one half, while the other half could surreptitiously continue the quest.
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​N'​Kara Nightstar]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Lucian Nailo]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Xavien de Lance]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Aust Nailo]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Angus Stonehelm]]\\
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Sin Gunju]]\\
 +====== Chapter Five ======
 +A hidden basement in the city of Kashin brings together a diverse bunch to investigate demon summoning. ​ The investigation leads to the wrong clues, however -- and lures the bunch into a war between assassins, creating 'the night of assassins'​ in Rakore. ​ Many view that night as the harbinger of the War of the Four Winds.
 +[[gaeleth:​people:​Bjarne Bearstrider]]\\
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