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 +====== Campaign V, Chapter One, Session 1 ======
 +//Sad 4th, 1327A//
 +Tramin McNeilson was a bard of considerable talent, and had managed to woo the barkeep of the Red Flagon over to his side.  The barkeep, Tol Red, let Tram and his friends in on job offer going on that very night in the Red Flagon. ​ Parties were being put together for 1,500 silver, up front. ​ Thalock Stoneknee, male dwarf with armor beneath his midnight blue surcoat, is a dwarven priest of Samis in Teras. He needs a small coffer, six inches on a side and a foot long, delivered to the Star's End monastery. To preclude anyone from obtaining the coffer, or from tracking its exact route magically, Stoneknee has had six identical coffers crafted -- one to go with each of the parties he intends to hire. The first party to successfully reach the Star's End with their coffer -- be it real or fake -- will receive an additional 1,000 silver. All other parties will receive their full payment upon delivery; the arrangement was made via divine spell, two nights previously.
 +Prior to leaving, Tol gives Tram a potion of cure light wounds as a parting gift, with hopes the bard will return to the Red Flagon.
 +The coffer contains an ancient parchment roll, written in Karatikan by a dragon slayer of the 2nd century Avard. The parchment details the location of an ancient dragon shrine to Milthel, the Dragon God, who was supposedly killed during the Storm Wars. The plundering of the shrine would greatly enhance the power of the Star's End, and the Church of Samis in Rakore.
 +There are several different routes to make to the Star's End. By sea, one sloop is making a supply run to Stomalin Keep, and then on to Firland. Captain Veregost, a  human with an infectious smile and lots of jokes, is willing to take on the party for 250 silver -- travel time would be about two days to Firland. In Firland, a rowman can take the party upriver to the Star's End in about a day and a half for 50 silver.
 +By river, a number of passenger sloops make the various jaunts, stopping off for the night in each way-stop city. Travel expenses for the party to go to Takanal would run 180 silver (20 silver per way-stop, 20 silver per inn per night, 20 silver for four per inn per meal) -- travel time would be about four days, including an overland trek of one hard day to Star's End.
 +By land, the road paralleling the rivers would take about six days, because of the heavy trails and sometimes roads. Straight travel, with orientation and a map, would take two to three weeks through dense forest and dangerous lands.
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