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 +====== Campaign V, Chapter One, Session 10 ======
 +//Trisad the 5th, 1327//
 +They were waiting on word from Father Engrin about a poisoned miner, because according to Equal, the miner had been one of those working for man with the twin-bladed sword. After waiting all that night, and nearly half a day again for word, one of Father Engrin'​s accolytes returned with news -- news that the miner was awake, irate, and telling all that he knew. The miner'​s name is Gaelin, and he had hired on in Teras under a half-elf named Joseph. Joseph transported Gaelin and several other miners to Rilan, where they were joined by still more hired hands. Joseph departed the barge in Rilan, and his boss Doom Rex, and Saya, boarded. From there, they traveled to Takanal, and then to the ruins of Tymarell. A bit of mine-work got them into the sewers of Tymarell, and then into the treasury, which Doom Rex stripped down. When Saya's blessings to Samis didn't 'take hold' of Gaelin, she threw a poisoned dirk in his back as he ran away. Doom Rex and Saya had apparently found a map of some sort on one of the floors in the ruins of Tymarell; wherever the map pointed to, Gaelin figured they were going there.
 +A courier from Teras came with important news for Hone, requesting his presence back at Gideon Enterprises with all due haste.
 +On hearing all of this, they made plans to leave for the ruins as quickly as possible, and hopefully discover where the '​doom'​ was going next, with his blue elven companion. Gaelin decides to hire out under Arkon, and goes with the party. Unfortunately,​ they got a little lost, but some quick thinking helped them find the sewer entrance again, near sunset. Rather than face the sewers after a long day of waiting and travel, the felt it best to camp out. Not long after dark, a band of ograns attacked their camp, and after a fierce but brief battle, they killed all but two, whom they captured. One of them succumbed to Arkon'​s wrath, and the other turned into a gibbering idiot. After trussing up the surviving orc (and marvelling at Arkon'​s ability to incinerate bodies), they slept a bit better. One of the orcs finally broke, revealing that his name was Gril, and that he would probably die no matter what. Telling of an ogran pickup by rocs after sunset of that day, they decided to infiltrate the ruins of Tymarell as quickly as possible. Splitting up, they managed to retrieve some of their left-behind items -- but it became apparent that Doom Rex and his minions picked up most of it. Tram's group, with Gril and Ahira, discovered the map that Gaelin had mentioned -- but had difficulty, at first, deciphering it. After reuniting the group, they finally decided that the map had to point to a small island, off the western coast of Gaeleth -- due west from Firland.
 +They headed quickly back for Takanal, having finally, grudgingly decided that Gril was a part of the group. However, in Takanal, Gril's orc presence forced the baron to take matters into his hands. They were allowed to outfit Gril as they saw fit, provided his hands were manacled, but they had to leave the town by sunset. Father Engrin, brought in to verifty Gril's world-view, said that, "​Looking upon that orc, is like looking upon the heart of darkness. He cannot be trusted."​ Instead of killing Gril, they decided that, even evil, he might be useful against the Ogre Nations. Leaving town in a hurry, they headed west, towards the Star's End monastery, and Firland.
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