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 +====== Campaign V, Chapter One, Session 2 ======
 +//Sad 8th, 1327A//
 +The whole of the party met at the fountain in Teras, where they accepted the mission from the cleric of Samis, Thalock Stoneknee. Working with a contact of Tram'​s,​ they sailed out of Teras that morning aboard the //Bad Wind//, which dropped off supplies at Stomalin Keep, and then sailed to Firland for resupply. There, they found a rowman to take them to the Star's End, where the party was the first to deliver its coffer to the monastery. The monastery sent them out to find a second coffer, nearby, which the party retrieved after a fight with the Bandit Brothers. They returned to the monastery, where they decided to stay the night, before going on to Takanal.
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