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 +====== Campaign I, Chapter One, Session 3 ======
 +//10th of Sad, 1327//
 +...And though the sun has set but minutes ago, the darkness is absolute -- save when the lightning flashes. The party has been asked to carry a cursed chalice, cut from a single emerald, to Mount Rilan, where the priests or the mages there can dispell the curse. Already, the curse has taken the Seven Sisters Inn, in Takanal. Father Engrin, his wife, and his three acolytes have all blessed the party -- and the raven -- for the perilous day and a half ride along the river. Leaving in a horizontal rain may add considerably more time to that ride. In the meantime, a suit of scale mail made from the iridescent green scales of a rhino beetle is being made; the suit will be complete on the 12th. Boots and gloves and belts are being made for Tram, and will be complete by the next day.
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