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 +====== Campaign V, Chapter One, Session 4 ======
 +//13th of Sad, 1327//
 +The chalice has been turned in to the Soul Smithy and Father Korin; Father Korin has promised recompensation for the massive emerald, from the Bishop and Baron. Just getting to Rilan Proper brought them through a storm, forced them to fight a Seeker, and nearly foundered their horses. Currently, they'​re staying at the Blue Tyven: the horses are cared for and ready to go, there was a brief fight with Djon's father at the Shipwreck Zone, they'​ve restocked on supplies, and Tram has begun the summoning for his familiar. ​ The summoning results in -- nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. When Tram finally wanders downstairs at the Blue Tyven for breakfast, Levantith makes rude comments about one of the prior night'​s former guests. Instead of enjoying the night with Rain, he had been forced to hunt down one of the merchant'​s pets -- a small creature with orange-red fur that '​delights in stealing the baubles of patrons, and then returning them.'
 +The party still has one of the coffers, destined for the Star's End monastery. As well, they have a number of items to pick up, in Takanal.
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