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 +====== Chapter V, Chapter One, Session 5 ======
 +//18th of Sad//
 +The party was promised 200,000 silver by the Baron-and-the-Bishop,​ in exchange for the emerald chalice, but delivery won't take place until the 3rd of Dasad at the Soul Smithy at Mount Rilan. They took a mission for a merchant at the Broken Bow by the name of Davad, to investigate a secret Rakoran arms shipment that had disappeared. The shipment had gotten caught up in a giant spider'​s cocoon, and then an ogran scout party had attempted to bury it. The party defeated the orcs, and then the spiders, and even managed to recover the shipment -- flasks that explode on contact with air. Six people followed them out to the shipment -- one had magic on him, and one rode a war-horse of immense proportions. Because of the potential for danger, they sent their familiars in to Rilan with one of the flasks. Cutheros the apothecary was injured in the explosion, which was attributed to a '​renegade orc with magic' (thanks to some rumors spread by the party). Their familiars were denuded in the explosion, but were otherwise unharmed; Equal cannot fly, because he has no flight feathers left. After nearly blackmailing Davad, the merchant put them in contact with his cousin Lantheros, the GE representative in Rilan. Lantheros outlined the nature of the shipment, and indicated that the party must find out who the six people following the party were, in case they know anything about the flasks. The party has a lot to do in Takanal, and so Lantheros agreed to get them there and back, by the next midnight, aboard a GE sloop named The Frozen Bitch, captained by a dwarf named Amian Thuldoon of the Warkore Clan. The adventure opens up again just after noon, as the party sets sail; their mounts were left behind in the care of capable Lantheros.
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