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 +====== Campaign V, Chapter One, Session 9 ======
 +//Dawn of Trisad the 4th, 1327//
 +Having been resurrected from the dead, Tram and Ahira have rejoined the party. Rial Mhenace, head manager of Gideon Enterprises,​ reiterated their terms of the resurrection:​ temporary membership in Firestorm, and unlimited access to GE's stores and facilities -- in exchange for two missions. The second mission has yet to be disclosed, but the first is to find out whether the warrior with the twin-bladed sword, and his blue-elven companion, know anything about the special shipment of explosive flasks that was sent to Lok Magius. Rial has assigned one of his proteges, a half-elf by the name of Hone, to the party. With Hone's help, and knowledge of Gideon Enterprises'​ resources, Rial hopes to end the mission as quickly as possible. Unfortunately,​ the party still has a bad reputation in Rilan. After going there by the overland route, the party met up again with Lantheros, the local manager. Lantheros and Sir Bridar helped keep the five of them hidden from the locals and the constabulatory,​ while they picked up their various shipments in Rilan -- to include the 200,000 silver pieces promised by the Baron and the Bishop Dwarfendale. The Baron and the Bishop also sent along a '​scroll of resurrection',​ should the party agree to perform an undetermined mission for Him. Tram had his special suit of leather picked up from Ye Sival, paid for by GE, and the party made a secret trip to Lok Magius, to see what magical items they could purchase, there. After purchasing a gold-inlaid steel shield, magical defensive bracers, and a powerfully protective ring, the party returned to Rilan. Rather than spend time sailing, the party set out after dark on horseback, and rode all through the night, and into the night. Having rested for half a day, Equal spotted one of the miners that had originally gone out with the blue elf and her companion. Careful questioning revealed that he was degenerating -- and it became apparent he was poisoned. With the help of Father Engrin, and a special antitoxin that Hone brought with him for emergencies,​ the party awaits the miner'​s return to health, and sanity -- hoping that he can provide them with needed clues about their enemies.
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