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 +====== Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Ten ======
 +After being lost within the Laekenala Jungles for weeks without end, a young elven ranger named Elfee finally found signs of civilization. Instead of finding aid, she found burning ruins and a seemingly infatigueable human with a massive axe. Elfee tracked the man for nearly a day, before he turned right around and returned to the burned out ruins. After lining up the skulls of eight individuals,​ the man with the axe returned to his original route travelling west -- sometimes along the bottom of a river.
 +Elfee cautiously followed, until he was spotted by a shallow barge travelling along the river. The crew of the barge were a motley bunch of outcasts and magic radicals, and they were hostile both to the man with the axe, and to Elfee. '​Hostile'​ is a mild description of what nearly happened, when Faeradd lifted the man out of the water with his powers, and Phoenix and Sam nearly tried to kill him and Elfee.
 +The man with the axe was undead.
 +The party tried to question Elfee, but she escaped into the jungles as quickly as she could. Phoenix found her, but the elven ranger was more frightened of the raw power the druidess displayed. Sam set out to lure Elfee into the party, after talking with the undead man.
 +His name was Richard, and he had not even been aware he was undead. Phoenix hated the creature, Faeradd experimented with him, and Sam felt more pity for him than anything else.
 +//The date is Lan the 12th, 1328 Avard.//
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