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 +====== Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Two ======
 +Trailing barely several marks behind the party was the Baron Ichara, a Seeker, and several Imperial Guardsmen, along with mercenaries and a small retinue of trackers and rangers. An Amaran war party attacked that group of men, and in the confusion, the black-skinned mercenary known as Sam escaped on a good horse. Unfortunately,​ the mercenary'​s horse was hit with a quarrel, and it trailed blood and hoof prints through the snow. Sam raced the horse as quickly as he dared -- right through the camp of Moon Break, Faeradd, Phoenix, and Cali-bras. Moon Break and Cali-bras raced back along the trail to intercept and slow the Seeker and his men, hoping to give the gnome and the elven druidess a chance to escape. Sam, for his part, finally convinced Faeradd and Phoenix that he could help, and promptly did so as some of the Baron Ichara'​s men managed to get around Cali-bras and Phoenix.
 +Travelling as quickly as they dared, Phoenix cast' pass without trace' on the horses, and led them further west and north, even using healing energy to reduce the fatigue of their mounts. Finally daring to slow, after the energies of 'pass without trace' faded, the party was beset by wolves, and then a large brown bear.
 +Exhausted and near the end of their talents, the three of them agreed to enter the nearby Vridaran town of Noleth -- under the guise of a farmer and his family, whose land had been ravaged by the Amarans. After several days of rest and recovery, the Imperial Guard finally managed to find the party, based off of Sam's physical description. Narrowly avoiding the guard -- and even throwing one out a window -- the party hastily beat feet out of town the only way they could: north, into the lands of the Amaran Tribes.
 +The Amaran tribe of the Bhrohimal had been trying for days to lure the Vridarans into a carefully constructed ambush just outside their town, out of range of the ballistae, and within sight of the city walls. The Vridaran Imperial Guards and their men charged out of Noleth intent only on capturing the gnome, who was posing as a child. The Amarans slaughtered the Vridarans, beheading them and leaving their naked bodies within sight of the town walls. The Amarans were so greatful to the party -- and their druidess, Phoenix -- that they offered them several gifts.
 +Armed with a wooden weapon known as a hornet dagger, well rested, and well equipped with the softest leathers and furs, the party is set to head west, towards Rakore. Their guide, Tostafo, is a druid of some small measure, and will help them as far as the lands of the Goblin King. Though the weather threatens heavy snows, the party is buoyed by their new-found friends, and their new winter equipment.
 +// Dasad the 6th, 1327 Avard.//
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