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 +====== Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Five ======
 +The party tried to reach For'​Dulhae to get grain for their massive Toomaran warhorses, with the aid of Tatyana'​s knowledge of the land, and Phoenix'​s abilities to discern true north. They encountered two mercenaries -- Sevious and Durcol -- who were sent to slow the party down. Soundly defeating the two mercenaries,​ they exploited the Vridaran mercenary-contract system to use the two against the Vridarans hunting them. Faeradd entered For'​Dulhae under cover of night and a light snow storm, and managed to sell the horses, lose the mercenaries,​ and sell the horses for a hefty sum. In addition, Faeradd collected on some of the bounty on his own head, as well as giving misinformation about the direction of the party.
 +On his way out of For'​Dulhae,​ the party encountered Zan, and under Sam's guidance, added his unique skills to the party'​s repertoire. Travelling south and slightly west for the next several days, they managed to avoid patrols and guards, but finally were spotted by about ten Imperial Footmen who were watching the border against the Amarans. The party sent them packing, but realized that travelling the border of Vridara was not worth the trouble. On the advice of the defeated Imperial officer, they headed further west into the savanna, and away from the Vridaran forests.
 +They travelled more southerly, and at a quicker pace, out in the Amaran savannas. There, they met Poy and Seboran Rosaski -- members of the Order of Devon. Accepting Seboran'​s offer of welcome respite at the headquarters of the Order of Devon, the party moved out again. A midnight encounter with a hobgoblin and his tunneling goblins ensured that the party was safe, travelling through the goblin-held lands -- though they still rested uneasily. Over the course of the next six weeks, they encountered the worst of winter, from storms to biting cold, to fierce winds that nearly toppled them over.
 +In the midst of that, a juvenile tyrannosaur attacked. Phoenix, Sam, and Faeradd together were able to ensnare the beast with their combined abilities; after that, it was merely a matter of slowly wearing the creature out, before dispatching it. More wary of their environment,​ they continued south towards the Mule Mountains. They then ran into a group of merchants that travelled the lands between the Mule Mountains, the Amaran Tribes, the Toomaran Peoples, and the Vridaran Empire. The party purchased several odds and ends before continuing on in their journey.
 +//The current date is Gril the 6th.//
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