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 +====== Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Six ======
 +After staying for a few days with the Order of Devon, the party prepared to set out for Tugren'​s tower, as indicated in the spellbook that Faeradd had. Sam performed mock combat with some of the monks, trying to open up their narrow views of hand-to-hand combat, while Faeradd pored over some of the texts and tomes of their library with Phoenix. In the end, young Poy was chosen to accompany the party in its journeys, in the event Faeradd was the gnome of Prophecy, as set forth by Brigain'​s will.
 +Zan was accused of theft by Oorhl, and detained by the members of the monastery. In truth, he had discovered a clue to something within the monastery that he needed to research further; being an experienced rogue, he opted to catch up to the party later, armed with the same maps the party possessed.
 +After nearly a week and a half of travelling through horrible blizzards, frigid temperatures,​ and bone-chilling winds, the party arrived in the small valley that Tugren had claimed as his own, while he was alive. The tower itself, however, had been taken over by some sort of carnivorous tree, whose roots and vines were slowly wearing the tower apart. Tugren'​s tower was not overly large, but several quick battles and an extensive foray into the upper levels assured the party that Tugren'​s hidden magical items had to be in the basement, if in the tower at all. The roots of the massive tree creature that infested the tower sent the party in retreat, only to discover that Oorhl was under attack.
 +A score of bandits and nearly a hundred goblins, along with a man riding a minotaur lizard and mounted with a ballista, had taken Oorhl captive and confiscated the Skull of Passage. Thinking Oorhl a goblin king because of the skull, they moved off towards their secret encampment -- but not before destorying Tugren'​s tower, and ensuring Oorhl'​s '​friends'​ would not follow. The party followed anyway, though at a discreet distance, managing to stay warm despite the theft of their pavilion and equipment. The Skull of Passage went with twenty hobgoblins that the main army met up with, and then the army -- and Oorhl and the minotaur mount -- went on. Through a set of narrow, winding valleys, the party followed the army to its massive cave, which hid the bandits from everyone else.
 +Using Faeradd'​s spells and Phoenix'​s abilities, a quick reconaissance of the interior of the cave -- and a rescued Oorhl -- let the party make plans. Using a natural choke point within the cave, coupled with obscuring mists and stone-softening spells, the party let the bandit army come to them. Between the leader of the bandits, his cleric, and the minotaur lizard, the party was almost destroyed. Quick thinking and hard work salvaged the battle, allowing them to retake the advantage, and reduce the remainder of the army into surrendering.
 +The party then rested within the cave of the bandit army, with the goblins having been paid to return home, and the remaining bandit mercenaries heading back towards Vridara. With their choice of equipment and donkeys, and the return of their equipment, the party outfitted itself for a return to Tugren'​s tower with a welcome and must thankful Oorhl.
 +//The current date is the 20th of Gril, on a cold, still morning somewhere in the Mule Mountains.//​
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