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Campaign X, Season 1, Episode 1

River Troll

Location: Kashin, Lena and the Galanus River

Date: Winter, 1333 Avard

Characters: Rose, Keth, Nevaeh, Anastasia

A priest of Brigain named Keth received visions from the Lord of Prophecies. One involved a large, thick tome on a pedestal. The tome was so cold that liquid air flowed off of the book, and solid ice encased it to several inches. The room around the tome was cold, but an icy blue-white light from within the book gave the vision an eerie quality – as though it were seen from below the surface of water, while drowning. The vision included sound, of a sort: It was as though the priest could hear wailing and cries of agony and suffering flowing off of the book.

The other vision involved an axe with the image of a flame embossed on it. Brigain told the priest that if he could find the axe in a distant nation called Rakore at a temple of Xoriah, then perhaps they could avert a cataclysm. All time lines leading from the book were dark and violent.

Keth traveled for half a year by cart and by boat to arrive in Rakore. From there, he found the temple of Xoriah in Kashin – and the axe. A priestess of Xoriah named Rose wielded the axe, and she had received word from her Chosen that she was needed elsewhere. Keth was welcomed to the discussion, as an emissary of prophecy. Rose, in turn, invited her friend Nevaeh to accompany her. Nevaeh was a tiefling with powerful abilities in the arcane.

A half-elf named Anastasia invited herself along. The Chosen of Xoriah almost burned her into ash for her impudence – but the Flame Goddess stayed the Chosen's hand. For the moment.

The town of Theribun was a human settlement that fed and supported a dwarven outpost known as Mag Kivak. The dwarven outpost was exploring an ancient mine, to determine whether it was worth opening, again. They found a wall in the mine with engrams of the four Elemental Gods. Only one of them was still alive, and so an agent was sent to the Chosen of Xoriah. The Chosen wanted Rose – and Keth – to investigate the outpost.

Along the way, their sloop stopped in Lena for the night. The next day, though, they were set upon by a river troll. It sank their ship, and the captain died in the cold winter waters, along with several of his crew.

The crew found themselves on the shore of the Galanus River, lighting a fire and hoping the river troll would not return.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JUN2019

DM's Notes: This was an intro campaign for two new players, Sarai and Austin, to get their feet wet with Dungeons and Dragons.

Reference: Campaign X
Next Episode: Xs1e2

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