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Campaign X, Season 1, Episode 2

Mephit Menace

Location: Galanus River, Theribun, Mag Kivak

Date: Winter, 1333 Avard

Characters: Rose, Keth, Nevaeh, Anastasia, Sheldrog

After moving back away from the river – and possibly a return visit from the river troll – the group of ship-wrecked individuals tried to warm themselves through the night. The tiefling, Neveah, was instrumental in saving their lives; her sorcerous spells helped dry them out. Neveah's mentor, Rose, used her bond with the Goddess of Fire, Xoriah, to keep fires well lit through the night.

In the morning, they went west, using the surviving sailors to guide them to the road to Theribun. The village had been established less than six months' prior to provide support to a dwarven mine known as Mag Kivak. The sailors knew little of the town itself, other than that they delivered letters and luxury goods, and picked up raw metal of some sort.

After finding the road to Theribun, they went north, deeper into the stony woods and up and out of the river valley. Theribun had a palisade of logs about it and only a handful of buildings, including a small tavern and gathering places in the center of the palisade. They were welcomed with open arms by the town's mayor, Layel, who was sympathetic of their plight.

The town's two priests welcomed the group, as well. One was a doddering old man with years of experience and a craftier mind than he let on, Deacon Marrin of Whalin. The other was a self-righteous, driven man with the eyes of the fervent, Prior Valen of Barith.

The inn-keeper, tavern-mistress, and Mistress of the Hearth was Symose, a sweet (if intimidatingly large and strong) woman that helped out in any way she could. Symose gave them all food and drink, made sure they had a place to stay in the crowded town, and had a chance to warm up and catch up. In exchange, of course, for whatever they could tell her about anything and everything.

Later that afternoon, the mayor announced that the Lord of the town was returning. The dwarven lord led a troop of perhaps two dozen dwarves and four orcs, along with a dozen mules laden with locked chests. The chests remained under guard, but were unloaded and stored in the barn, along with the mules and a dozen of the dwarves. The other dwarves and the orcs took to the tavern, where a prepared Symose met them.

Introductions were made, and they were once again pumped for information. Thane Sir Beryl Strongheart of Clan Bandylegs and Clan Warkore heard their statements and prepared written instructions. His aid was a Vicar of Galgiran named Bauxite.

The Vicar of Galgiran spoke privately with Rose, informing her that he had received an important message for her. Galgiran had shared with her a vision of the Eternal Flame going out, unless she were to travel rapidly back to Kashin. The thane entrusted her with letters and one of his dwarven squires, and offered her what amends he could to expedite her journey.

Rose said her goodbyes to Neveah, hoping her friend would help Keth in his prophecies. Neveah was torn, but agreed that the fate of the world hung in the balance after the visions they had seen and had shared with them.

That evening, the three priests of the village invited Keth to speak, for it was rare to find a priest of Brigain in the world. Keth said as few words as possible, and Deacon Marrin spoke last – ensuring that Keth's words were taken well and in wisdom.

On the morrow, Keth, Neveah, and Anastasia started out with the dwarves – and they were joined by a stranger. The stranger had been quite evident the day before, seeing as she was over seven feet tall, blue-furred, blue-haired, and strong enough to break timbers – and could barely speak the common tongue. Her name was Sheldrog, and she found Keth quite fascinating, as he was a blue-skinned half-orc that reminded her of her people. The other orcs she had seen – like the four in the dwarven entourage, were green-skinned.

They traveled uneventfully for half a day to the mine of Mag Kivak, bringing with them food enough for the next four days, as well as timbers for the mine. The thane offered them a map of 'the wall', and wished them luck. The wall they had found along a rich vein of whatever they were mining had run out at the wall, and it was enchanted with elemental magics. No dwarf had dared to touch the wall, and they had moved on to other explorations of the ancient mine.

They moved through the mine unimpeded, finding the wall without difficulty. The wall was made of large blocks, each the size of a man's head, but bounded on each face with one of the four elemental signs. Before they could fathom the wall, they were attacked by elemental beasts known as mephits – small beings of mixed elements that spoke no tongue known to commoners.

The battle went poorly for the three – for Annstasia held back, observing. The mephits did not attack to kill, despite one of their number being slain. Once the three were subdued, they were bound in hard mud. The little elementals went through the team's gear, tossing aside larger weapons and odds and ends. Coins went flying, jewelry was tossed aside – and then one of them screamed, holding its hand. It had tried to touch Keth's amulet, a devotion to the God of Storms.

The mephits caused the blocks of the wall to glow and move, turning in place and wheeling about to reveal a well-lit, loud chamber beyond. The six mephits (one had regenerated!) drug the three into the chamber.

Anastasia rushed in, just as the blocks wheeled around, spinning back to reform.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JUN2019

DM's Notes: Sarai and Austin reprised their roles of Neveah and Keth, while Saige switched out Rose for Sheldrog.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs1e1
Next Episode: Xs1e3

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