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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 18

To Craft a Soul

Location: Rilan

Date: mid Trical, 1333 Avard

Characters: Chimes, Hiko, Roland, Toox

The troupe was told that their next task had to be one of crafting. Galgiran was the God of the Forge, and so each of them would have to craft something to entice the soul of Eingrim to return.

Roland put his smithing skills to the test. While a fair blacksmith, he had never whitesmithed before, yet Hiko needed a sheet of gold foil to serve as a scroll.

With care and precision, despite his first attempt at whitesmithing (and perhaps a bit of encouragement from the dwarves), Roland managed to make a scroll of gold foil for Hiko. Roland's sincerity as a paladin and friend of Eingrim earned him a dagger blank of extreme quality. Roland was able to take a section of the blank and turn it into replacement scalpel blades for Eingrim's surgical kit. He also made a golden band out of gold coins for Eingrim, as their fallen friend and ersatz employer was also known as 'Eingrim the Gold'.

The idea for replacement surgical blades came from Hiko, who used Eingrim's scalpel to incise arcane runes on the golden scroll. Hiko stored a powerful spell he had recently learned from their myriad spellbooks, that he knew Eingrim had not learned. He hoped to lure Eingrim back with a bit of arcane knowledge.

Chimes was at a loss. As a kenku, she could not create – but she could copy and blend. She asked dwarves for stories of Eingrim, and found a few who had known him. She sung and performed for the dwarves, earning even more stories of Eingrim. She worked with Toox to try to build songs or poems, yet despite the newfound knowledge of Eingrim, seemed unable to make what she intended. Befriending the apothecary for the dwarven fortress – someone that had known Eingrim for several decades – she learned that he had paints, as well. Instead of a song or a poem, Chimes set about to paint something for Eingrim. Her first several attempts were mediocre. With the advice of the Baron-and-the-Bishop, she set about to make a painting of Eingrim's friends – herself included. Hiko assisted her, using his power of illusions to lay images over the painting, which Chimes then painted masterfully.

This left Toox at something of a loss. She felt that interpretive dance to garner the attention of Eingrim's soul would be fruitless, and all she could really make was… food. With the help of the others, she found Eingrim's favorite food – elven wine and roasted turkey – and set about to make the best versions of it possible. Aided with her newfound magical spice pouch, and taking the opposite advice of the dwarves, she crafted a masterful meal who's smell would have tempted the dead (which, of course, was the intent).

The Baron-and-the-Bishop Dwarfendale presided over the hour long ceremony, in which stories were told of Eingrim, the gifts were offered, and songs were sung. Eingrim the Gold's gently reposed body lay in mourning, as the long rug down the middle of the temple was slowly rolled up, exposing footprints in the bare stone. The footprints slowly glowed, as though an invisible figure were walking towards the altar, and then the footprints all faded at once.

Eingrim screamed.

The dwarves rejoiced and Toox hugged Eingrim – both ensuring that he was alive and making him feel welcome back among the living.

Eingrim the Gold had been raised from the dead. He was short his left hand, but being a necromancer and a physician, Hiko had a few ideas ready.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JUN2020

DM's Notes: This was Saige's early birthday celebration run. Sualy worked until around six, and then we played until about midnight, when I took Michael home. The littles were wonderful, and it seemed a good session. Saige got off topic with some of her old characters, due to the painting including Beth, and then when Caileb got off topic, she ribbed him – and got ribbed right back for the Beth episode. She took it in good spirit, and seemed to have a good time. Happy (almost) Fifteenth, kiddo!

Reference: Campaign X
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