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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 31

Demons in Rilan

Location: Rilan

Date: Dalan the 8th-9th, 1334 Avard

Characters: Chimes, Hiko, Toox, Roland

Bullet Notes:
* Habrem's Day, 1334 * Hiko almost stole a spell from a vendor, but decided against the risk.
* Last dances of the night.
* Troupe met with Vicar Elishira, who recommended Sir Vridar's strange death 4mos prior.
* Mountain's Bass temple had monks of Samis helping with paperwork.
* Troupe returned to Black Feather Fort to rest.
* Toox and Roland went into town to find Sir Vridar.
* Lord Reeve Vridar has a salve that had killed a man after he put it on – he burst into flames.
* After the body had been claimed by a family, another family showed up to claim the body.
* Toox and Roland followed from the Vedis by Danny DeVito-like figure * Figure unleashed a horde of demonic manes.
* No one died, but the bastard almost got away.
* Toox chased him down outside of town, where he killed his own horse.

Session ends with Toox and Roland and the DeVito-like demon summoner – and his summoning bracers – on the outskirts of town to the north. Chimes and Hiko were at the Black Feather Fort.

Behind the Scenes

Date: OCT2020

DM's Notes: “Never separate the party?” Not because they'll die in pieces, but because you'll be bored while they adventure without you.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e30
Next Episode: Xs2e32

Saige (Toox)

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Caileb (Hiko)

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Sualy (Chimes)

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