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Campaign X, Season 3, Episode 2

The Sea Hag

Location: Seas west of Firland

Date: Early Fall of 1333 Avard

Characters: Kava, Bell, Taklak

On the way to Teras, flush with a magic chest that made lead look like gold, they spied a wreck on the horizon. The Orange Trumpet had tattered sails that drug into the ocean. Sea gulls were along its decks, and large craps crawled in and out along the trailing sail and sea anchor. There were human remains on the deck – bones picked clean the gulls and crabs. Inside the cabin, inches of water were full of crabs. A sahuagin spear was lodged into the hull such that none could remove it. Water seeped in around the spear's head.

Captain Bell looted what she could, and left. Kava was familiar with the sahuagin. Her tales were enough to almost sober Bell up.

They spied a second wreck in similar shape before nightfall. It was a tense, alcohol-filled night for Bell. Taklak slept obliviously, and Kava slept in the sea with one hand on the Aquaholic, but for the first time since she had left, felt fear of the depths.

The next day, they spied the twin-masted carrack called the Half Angle. Her sails were whole, save for a single, large tear.

Bell opted for a fast inspection. She ran the Aquaholic in at full speed, tacking at the last moment so that the smaller yacht bumped up hard against the Half Angle. Kava and Bell tied lines, quickly, while Taklak rode his mechanical spider across to the other ship. Inside, there were six sahuagin attacking and eating six humans.

The battle was fast and furious, with several of the fish-like sahuagin trying to attack at once. Taklak greased the poop deck, where Bell and Kava were able to take several of them down, for good.

The sea hag leading the sahuagin rose to the surface, along with half a dozen more sahuagin that had been below the surface. That battle took a decidedly different turn. Kava was attacked by tridents and spears and the hag, and Bell nearly died from the horrific scene.

It was only through teamwork and coordination – and Taklak's lance – that they managed to hold on. Well-placed strikes by Kava ended the sea hag. The remaining sahuagin faded away.

Bell explored the Half Angle, finding that one crewman had managed to hang on to the bitter end – dying just before she reached him.

The captain's log told of a cargo being transported to Hammer Isle to be delivered to a Sir Immel. Bell decided to root around through the cargo, but deliver the majority of it to Sir Immel, and use his written word to help her secure ownership of the Half Angle. She decided to name it the Aquaholic II, and began to tow the Aquaholic, Kava and Taklak together making a second sailor on the small carrack.

They set sail for Hammer Isle as the sun began to set.

Behind the Scenes

Date: APR2020

DM's Notes: No comment.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs3e1
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Saige (Kava)

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Sualy (Bell)

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