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There are a number of events going on throughout the world that can be impacted by the current campaigns, based off of past campaigns.

Maleah's Mercantile

Maleah's Mercantile is currently growing in River Crown. With an influx of kobolds from the Johnathon Hills duchy, and a request put in by the Janis Plains duke, the mercantile has been busy at work building a road through Caerne's Pass through to Mount Basilisk and the Alsavier duchy of the Banoc elves. By the end of 1332, the roadway should be mostly complete, and much of the training for dog- and coyote- mounted kobolds completed. With the aid of Aelar Wildstep's training, and with help from the rest of the Order of Caerne, the mercantile will be set to explode as the small parcels delivery system of Rakore.


The success of Maleah's Mercantile and Meridian Explorations, coupled with the historical significant of Gideon Enterprises, indicates that smaller enterprises and adventuring companies are likely to begin to take off in importance. The price of one sailing vessel or a building to house a company is high for the individual, but adventuring corporations can distribute that cost considerably. Prior companies, such as the Marksmen and the Youngbloods, proved fair as mercenaries – and little else. Such poor showings on the part of mercenary companies, but good showings in more diversified companies that can also act as escorts, merchants, explorers, and other jacks-of-all-trades will likely drive the market up.

The Tikranor Plateau

Expect to see the orcs of the plateau importing as many sheep and goats as the market will allow. The former soldiers and warriors of the clans are seeking work and an independent source of food, and mutton and goats will likely do. Add raw wool to the bargain, and one can expect trade in wool and meat through Takanal and the Grand Maul Pass (due to the salt mines there). The orcs of the plateau are currently working wherever they can, with many serving in road-construction crews throughout the land, sending their money home to their clans and platoons, such that they can try to buy females from the crumbling Ogre Nations.

The Ogre Nations

Expect the Ogre Nations to fall to infighting, coup de tats, and clan wars. Itzak's power a supreme ogre magi is dwindling in comparison to the mages coming out of Lok Magius. Coupled with the defections of Duke Dwarfkiller and the kobolds, the ogres are likely to turn on Itzak for failing to maintain control – and the ogres are likely to prove poor managers of the orcs and the kobolds. The term 'ogran' to describe ogres, orcs, and kobolds together in one grouping is about to collapse as the three races fall to fighting amongst themselves, as well as internacine fighting.

The Johnathon Hills

The kobolds of the hills will likely continue exporting workers to the Janis Plains, forming a close alliance with the former Inquisitors. With less capitol than the orcs, they will likely fair poorly in the market for goats and sheep. This will depress the kobold economy considerably, and the 'poor starving urchin' and underclass of Rakore will likely become the kobolds unless very strong leaders or important events take place.

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