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 +====== Archbishop ======
 +An archbishop has the same responsibilities as a [[cardinal]],​ but is a term generally reserved for specialized positions in which the politics do not allow for a cardinal or a cardinal of a particular faith is unavailable. ​ More recently, archbishops have come to denote the highest administrative figure attainable to pantheonic worhip.
 +An archbishop is a priest who administers over several bishoprics of a particular god.  This can mean anywhere from four to four hundred temples, depending on the god and kingdom. ​ The area an archbishop administers is called a diocese (or sometimes archdiocese). ​ Archbishops are usually attended by a number of paladins, under-priests,​ and other officials to help them administer the temples in their diocese.
 +The term '​arch'​ bishop was originally taken from the Church of [[Mikindim]],​ where arches are considered a sign of the God of Architecture and Engineering. ​ The Church of Mikindim formalized many of the modern interpretations of the rankings of the priests.
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