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 +====== Ecclesiastic Ranks ======
 +The churches of Gaeleth united as never before in the aftermath of the [[gaeleth:​history:​Storm Wars]], and under the Avard Accords. ​ The accords helped to establish certain standards for the determination of ranks within each church, and the ranks later became standardized throughout much of the Inquisition.
 +The congregants are considered the lowest-ranking members of the church hierarchy, yet they are also the most important.
 +A member of the congregation or a convert who wish to begin training as a priest and servant of the church is anointed as an [[accolyte]]. ​ When an accolyte is granted the prayers of his god, that accolyte becomes a [[deacon]] -- a preacher empowered by his or her god.  Those whom are empowered and travel circuits or serve in other temples, but do not yet have a temple of their own, are called [[prior]]. ​ Priors are often encouraged to travel the land, converting followers to the faith, and serving the churches best by their examples out among the masses. ​ Empowered priests with their own temple, who may have others serving under them, are called [[vicar]], and one who sees over more than one temple is known as a [[bishop]]. ​ A [[cardinal]] is one who sees over a large number of temples and serves in the church hierarchy in an administrative position over bishops. ​ A [[disciple]] is both a servant of the church and a direct servant of the god or goddess of the church; usually disciples are appointed by agents of the deities themselves. ​ The [[Chosen]] is the highest-ranking member of any church, appointed by the deity of the church itself to the position.
 +After the passing of a member of a church, that individual can be ordained into sainthood by a Chosen. ​ Saints of the various churches tend to become figureheads for differing interpretations of their god's will.
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