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Infierne, God of Weapons


“The most fearsome sound in all the world, is the ring of steel on steel.”

Symbol: hammer-maul

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: smithing, dwarves, weapons

Worshippers: smiths, dwarves

Cleric Alignments: TN, LN, CN

Domains: earth, fire, war, water

Favored Weapon: hammer-maul

Animal Totems: eagle, saber-toothed cat


Little is known of the dogma of the Church or the followers of Infierne.

Physical Description

History assumes that his appearance was at that of a human from the Karanal Empire, though no statues or descriptions survive.


Excerpt from the Karatikan Alliance:

Empreror Hugen (the 1st, as history would have it) decided to flex his muscles in combat with the Karatikan Alliance. In 202 Avard, he began a series of feints and attacks aimed at probing the powers of the druids and rangers – after carefully studying the prior two centuries of history available on the alliance. Both sides met surprising resistance, as Emperor Hugen I's people were strangely fanatical of their charismatic leader (and carefully prepared by the emperor's minstrels and bards), and the emperor's armies could make no real headway against entrenched druids, treants, and ranger armies. One of the emperor's professional soldiers, whose weapon had broken in combat, retreated from the battle only to save the life of a weapons smith named Purrile. The soldier died saving Purrile's life, and not long afterwards, the smith discovered the Relic of Infierne – calling into being the God of Weapons. Purrile became Infierne's first Chosen, and immediately began crafting weapons and converting followers from the empire's soldiers. The alliance's rangers were forced to fall back against the vastly superior weapons of the empire, until a deal was struck with Infierne's Chosen. In exchange for rare metals and the secrets of composite bows, Infierne's other smiths began to make weapons for the alliance, as well.

In 763 Avard, the God Slayer sword known as Giran Howel was found. That same year, the God Slayer destroyed Infierne.

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