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Multheir, God of Sailing


“Sight the stars, set the sails, and steal the sea.”

Symbol: anchor

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Portfolio: sailing, conquering, piracy

Worshippers: sailors, ship-makers, merchants, stevedores

Cleric Alignments: NE, CE, LE, TN

Domains: travel, trickery, luck, strength

Favored Weapon: Cutlass

Animal Totems: seagulls, squid


Followers of Multheir believed that Olorin was Mother of the Seas – and that Multheir was her bastard son. Commerce and wealth accumulation were welcome pastimes, and stealing was considered fair.

Physical Description

Multheir was often depicted as a piratical figure, and was considered an embodiment of piracy as well as thinly disguised merchanting. 'Greasy' is how many describe the look of Multheir's face and eyes.


Multheir arose during the Age of Survival, brought into existence by a merchant as much pirate as commerce man. Multheir rewarded his first Chosen well, helping him amass a pirate armada that eventually was forced to go into legitimate business due to their success at sea.

The church held considerable sway on the surface of the oceans, and in port-side communities that thrived on trade. Some hold Multheir responsible for the stench of darkness that permeated the land until the Shaping Wars. With the ports and communication across the sea firmly in Multheir's hands, business was cutthroat, with blackmail and murder common ways to attain richness and wealth in those days.

After the Shaping Wars and the rise of Whalin (and later Habrem), Multheir's power began to wane slowly but steadily. This waning was also brought about by the rise of Samis some centuries before the Shaping Wars – Samis' domain over all thieving stole some of the wind from Multheir's sails. During the Age of Peace before the Storm Wars, the God of Strategy, Nathel, took the remains of Multheir's church under his wing. Nathel exploited the church considerably, making his galleys among the finest in the world.

Multheir was killed by the paladin of Mikindim known as Therod Halsbal, the first wielder of the God Slayer during the Storm Wars. Halsbal knew that Nathel's grip on the seas was half of the long-term strategic issues involved in the war. The paladin and his forces systematically slaughtered the priests of church after church of Multheir in the north, taunting the God of Sailing every step of the way, defeating his archons and what aid Nathel sent. Neither the God of Strategy nor the God of Sailing realized the paladin had the God Slayer sword. Nathel sent the God of Pain, Hyark along with Multheir to finally deal with the annoying paladin once and for all. Both were killed quickly and efficiently.


The Relic of the God of Sailing was attached to a ghost ship that sailed only at night or out of direct sunlight. The ghost ship was crewed by the souls of the damned – those that believed in Multheir enough to follow his ways into death.


The Church of Multheir was strongest in the human enclaves in ports around the world. During it's prime the church was very powerful, with influence deep onto land. Those who went to sea and did not give to the Church of Multheir were subject to piracy in ways that were frightening. The Goddess of the Seas was neutral on the subject, so long as her rules were obeyed – and the Church of Multheir never considered itself subject to the goddess' rules. When the influence of the pirates began to wain, the church accepted its fate with grace – being true believers in luck, both good and bad.

The specialty priests of the Church of Multheir were renowned for being able to sail ships under the worst of circumstances, at night, and in the most terrible of weather.

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