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The Order of Saint Malkem

The Order of Saint Malkem is a multi-divinity, service-based, typically mendicant order in which members take protracted tours of duty through one or more regions in an attempt to provide services free (nominally) of charge. All services are committed in confidence, and are subject to the will of the beneficiary. A serviceman may not deny a viable service unless he or she is otherwise indisposed by an ongoing service. Any service found lacking in good-will, or if the serviceman has been mislead, is reason enough to allow the serviceman to deny or halt any such service. Generally, one service is provided per beneficiary, but multiple services may be requested. After the first service is performed, a serviceman holds the right to deny further service to any one beneficiary.

In order to maintain quality control, members are required to undergo a geas, upon their induction, by which they swear to spend at least one contiguous year in five travelling outside of his or her community, performing services as requested. All of the aforementioned stipulations are included in the geas, including inability to obscure their title or their mission, inability to differ service, unless prerequisites are met, inability to request payment*, and a vow of silence regarding the service unless the beneficiary notes otherwise.

While payment is never requested, nor necessary, it is common practice to pay for services.

The governing council is located in Karmen and is headed by a priest of each non-evil aligned church, forming the governing council. Order headquarters exist in most major cities and capitals the world over. Each headquarters is headed by a council-designated member, who has the right to subject new members to its standard geas. In nearly all aspects, the order is not-for-profit, and asks next-to-nothing of it's members outside of the initial geas. Members are not required to return any payment received during their service as members are given no stipend to live on while in service.

The Order is not completely insular, though some members choose to be. Any member may continue to pursue his or her own goals and/or career outside of the order as long as they are able to perform their required duties.

The Order is a life-long commitment. While widely known and accepted, few members are seen in the wider world. Few get very deep into any particular region before their year of service is up.

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