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Xynosalionisis, God of Memories

“The victors write the histories. The vanquished remember.”

Symbol: bow with arrow drawn

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: archers, dragons, rangers

Worshippers: rangers, dragons, archers, Wuron S'fa

Cleric Alignments: NG, CG, TN

Domains: air, animal, knowledge, magic, protection

Favored Weapon: long bow

Animal Totems: elephants, house cats


The followers of Xynosalionisis (sometimes called Xynos) believe that the Inquisition is over, and that all peoples, regardless of race or background, color or creed, deserve freedom from hunting, persecution, and terror. They are willing to fight to defend their homes and their families, and they are willing to fight for what they believe in. Most tend to believe that the land, nature, and anyone pursued by the Inquisition – are worth fighting for. Most of all, they believe that dragons represent true power on Gaeleth, and are deserving of the role of leadership in mortal affairs. The church of Xynos, such as it is, feels that the dragons are to be venerated, but only because they have earned it. Other races can earn the same veneration, and the church is working to protect them, even as it protects the dragons.

Physical Description

Xynos is one of the largest, oldest, and most powerful of all the dragons on Gaeleth. He is depicted as a massive silver dragon, whose scales glow with an inner light. He had a massive, dragon-sized longbow, and his 'thumbs' were developed enough to use, craft, and wield a bow of draconic proportions in dragon form. Some depictions of Xynos show him with green to gold camouflage paint, indicating his ranger heritage.


Xynosalionisis was 7,419 years old when he ascended to god-hood. He spent nearly two millennia in the form of an elf, enjoying elven society, and growing to love nature as a ranger. When the Shaping Wars erupted, he sided with the One and the Elementalists, hunting for rare and obscure artifacts to defend the realms from the chaotic and ravaging demons, golems, and creations that ran amuck.

Xynos developed a rare fascination with magic, perhaps because of his time spent among the mages of the Elementalists. The silver dragon spent three centuries contemplating a low-level spell used by mages known as rope trick, apparently because it violated conventional notations of the Shield, and Gaeleth's inability to conduct extraplanar travel.

During the Storm Wars, Xynosalionisis was one of many dragons activated by the Karatikan Alliance. Xynos served as the lead scout for the combined might of nearly two-hundred and fifty dragons, and watched as many of his kith and kin fought one another for either side, during the Storm Wars.

In the aftermath of the Storm Wars, came the Inquisition. Originally intended to silence the mages, the Inquisition slowly expanded to encompass the dragons, as well – and brought about the Dragon Wars of 867 Avard, later to be known as the First Crusades. Xynos watched as many of his kind were slaughtered, rousing from nearly a century's slumber to feed and eat. As a ranger, Xynos managed to ration his food, hunt in secret, and keep a low profile – whereas most of the dragons simply fed, battled, and attempted to mate. Old beyond his years, even then, Xynosalionisis looked on in sadness.

In 1135 Avard, Xynos was approached by a black dragon known as the Silent Wyrm. The Silent Wyrm asked only to speak with the ancient silver, and explained that she intended to create a nation of dragons. The nation's intent, she said, would be to defend in unity the few remaining dragons – numbering less than one-hundred in all the world. Xynos declined to join the Silent Wyrm's dragon nation, fearing her dark heritage, and her intent in the face of the Inquisition. In the Third Crusade of the Inquisition, in 1201 Avard, Xynos worst fears were never realized – for the Silent Wyrm risked her life no less than twice, to rescue dragons and dragonlings that had decided to join her call for a dragon nation. It was then, that Xynos decided to join her – though by that time, he was old enough to admit that he was useful more as an advisor.

The Dragon Nation of Wuron S'fa was declared in late 1328, and by early 1329, the combined might of the Inquisition began to fall upon the Silent Wyrm and the dragons. Carefully laid plans, and the combined might of the dragons, looked to be not enough – for Disciples, armies, dragon-slaying weapons, naval blockades, and assassins, all conspired against the fledgling nation.

Seeing a victory for the Dragon Nation, but at too high a cost, Xynos called upon his ancient knowledge for a spell that had not been used since the Shaping Wars. Sacrificing himself in a burst of arcane energy, Xynos died that day – taking half of the Inquisition armies with him.

Later on that day, one of the white dragons that had revered Xynosalionisis walked across the blast crater where the ancient silver had fallen. At the heart of the crater, he found a blank Relic, waiting to be imprinted. Rather than touch the Relic, and become a Chosen, the dragon known as Villathanalast brought the blank Relic back with him to the council of dragons. There, all of the remaining dragons gathered around, and together gave rise to a god of their own – Xynosalionisis.


The Relic of Xynosalionisis is reportedly guarded by the young adults of the Dragon Nation – dragons trained in the arts of war by some of the eldest of the dragons.


The Church of Xynos has but one Disciple to lead its congregations, such as they are – Bludanskitanileth, also known as 'Lady Blud'. The silver dragon is Xynos' daughter, but for whatever reasons, has not been tapped to become Xynosalionisis' Chosen. Xynos had an iron golem by the name of Xvoth, but after Xynos' death, the iron golem was transferred to Lady Blud – and serves as her immediate bodyguard, in both elven and draconic forms. Lady Blud has put in a call to all of the rangers that worship her father, to find the one that would be come the Chosen of the God of Memories.

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