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 +===== Guardian Forests =====
 +The ancient [[gaeleth:​history:​Karatikan Alliance]] of druids and mages sent their most dangerous prisoners to a distant peninsula walled off by mountains -- in modern day [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]]. ​ Semi-awakened trees each held a prisoner within their trunks, wrapped around them, sustaining them, and individually tailored to the prisoner.
 +Some of the Guardian trees -- known as Gleidhidh in the ancient Karatikan tongue -- absorbed magic from their prisoners, to keep them from using it; others infused their prisoners with particular poisons or magics. ​ Most of the prisoners were powerful, immortal, or both.  Many were friends to immortal persons in the Karatikan world, and so could not be executed. ​ All of the prisoners were awake during their incarceration,​ and could hear or sense or smell the world outside their prison. ​ Their emotions were, when possible, modulated to rehabilitate the prisoners.
 +The Guardian trees' roots and leaves communicated with one another and with their wardens. ​ The roots could shuffle resources and aid other trees when an individual tree weakened. ​ The leaves could release molecular cues to signal one another and wardens.
 +The [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Undead]] saw some of the fallen trees arise -- and some of the fallen prisoners, as well.
 +The remaining Guardian trees maintain their centuries'​ old watch over their prisoners -- but there are no more wardens to warn.
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