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Hippotauns are a distant relative of the hippopotamus, though the front fore-limbs have withered so as to be little more than chin-scratchers. The hippotaun has a massive fat-filled tail that serves as a counter balance to its enormous head and gut, and its bipedal gait is somewhat ungainly on land. In the water, the beast is considerably more agile, using its massive tail much like a crocodile.

Hippotauns have been domesticated by several clans of Hill Dwarves, and can carry up to half a dozen armed and armored dwarves into battle at a relatively steady pace. What makes the hippotaun prized among dwarf clans is its ability to eat nearly anything, so long as it eats in bulk. Even woody plants, when shredded into sawdust, can feed the big beasts – making them ideal for campaigns and sieges.

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