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 +====== Caerne of Giranhad ======
 +The man known as Caerne was a loyal and faithful servant of [[Sir Tyrne le Boeuf]], a paladin of [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Whalin]] during the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Undead]]. ​ Caerne'​s first wife was a woman by the name of Sarah, and through her he had three sons:  William, Edward, and Michael Caerneson. ​ Sarah died in childbirth with Michael, though the babe survived. ​ Caerne then married an elf by the name of Kaalaenala Mournebane, and had two daughters by her:  Kaatrinae and Saeles Caerndottr.
 +Caerne'​s family chose to remain in his household, even as grandchildren were born.  The gruff but loving Caerne had a unique 'tough and gentle'​ approach that endeared him to his children and their children. ​ His loyalty to Sir Tyrne meant that he was often away from home for his lord, but returned with stories and gifts and jokes aplenty.
 +In 1318, Caerne and his family relocated to Kur Maeth in a harrowing adventure at sea, along with Sir Tyrne and his lord Prelate Ilvred Kost of [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Yatindar]]. ​ In 1329, the family once again relocated to [[gaeleth:​places:​Rakore]],​ and there Caerne decided to retire. ​ Taking up the plow as he claimed not to have done since his youth, the tough and grizzled sixty-something year old took to raising plants and stocks on the land given him by Sir Tyrne. ​ His lord eventually named the farm hold Caerne'​s Place when he found himself unable to pronounce the elven name Caerne'​s wife Kaala had given the land.
 +In the earliest of winter in 1331, Caerne'​s Place was overrun by a horde of the undead. ​ Despite a fiercesome battle, Caerne, his wife, and his children all died protecting the grandchildren. ​ The burning of the barn created enough light to be seen in River Crown some five miles away.  Sir Tyrne and a troop of men arrived early in the morning light to find Caerne'​s Place ravaged and defiled by the undead. ​ Caerne and his family were given a hasty cremation ceremony before the surviving grandchildren were evacuated to River Crown and placed under Sir Tyrne'​s protection.
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