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Also known as the Lord of Hundred Pools (Kitar’Eth’Ess in Elven), Darin’den’sileta Hireyesiye is a baron of the Alsavier Duchy in Rakore. His brother was Itaeleran Hireyesiye, Lord of Autumn Stones, until 1333 Avard when he was assassinated. His six nieces occasionally visit him, asking directly or indirectly for support in obtaining the title to the duchy. His two nephews rarely visit him, though he thinks fondly of both of them.

Darin’den’sileta is a water elementalist, occasionally hiring adventurers to find arcane items or special ingredients for his spells. His barony is located on the north-west edge of the Alsavier Duchy, where the Hundred Pools River on the east side of Mount Rilan flows into the mighty Galanus River. His barony is home to some fifty tomanths and an equal number of rather isolationist sylvan elves – including an elder druid that is a longtime friend.

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