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Eingrim the Gold has hired the Black Feather Troupe to aid him in procuring certain magical items for his research.

He is a trained Thaumaturgist from Lok Magius, and also a Knight of Rilan, although he rarely uses his rank or prestige. He prefers the finer things in life when possible, but is also a cheapskate in outfitting expeditions. He speaks Common, Karatikan, Celestial, and Demonic. He is often found at the Black Feather Fort south of Rilan, when not traveling the land as a physician and healer. He is well known known in Rilan and Kashin among the nobility. He has a good reputation with the priesthood and the clergy, and makes his devotions to Lul and Whalin – although he secretly follows Agincoth.

He is a human in his mid to late 30s, with blond hair just starting to go to white. Eingrim has an easy smile, a lean build, and hands stained by a myriad of ink colors. He wears a hooded robe of the purest white silk, with golden stitches of arcane runes around the seams. His leather boots and belt are well worn and maintained, and also oiled dark from long travels and hard work. He is always immaculately clean and never dirty, including the whites of his clothing. Golden jewelry adorns his ears, neck, and fingers, and touches of gold are found in his belt and boots. Over his shoulder is large tome on a strap, decorated in white leather with golden clasps.

Classically trained as a physician and a healer, he turned to the arcane arts to heal those patients that his knowledge and skills could not. He tried necromancy for several years, but its failure to heal – along with the failure of all arcane arts to heal – frustrated him. He died at the hands of werewolves in late 1333, but was resurrected by the Black Feather Troupe. Since necromancy failed him, he turned to artificing and alchemy.

Hobbies: Eingrim studies bones, and can tell more about a creature from one bone than most can from talking with someone. He is also an artist, able to draw details of faces, figures, and anatomy. He has lately turned to new arts, learning how to be an artificer and an alchemist.

Eingrim’s Familiar: A black raven known as ‘Orist’ follows Eingrim at a discreet distance, rarely interacting with him, save at night. At night, the raven comes to speak with Eingrim in whispering tones. Orist is friendly enough if approached, but startles easily and flies away at any fast movement. He is not above eating the dead, either. Orist often has a spell stored in him, and may thus exude orange (conjuration, per familiars) and gold (transmutation, per stoneskin) magics. He counts as a tiny fey, unaligned.

Eingrim’s Compass: It is a brass clock-like object with a hand painted in ruby dust, powered by an arcane spark crystal. If the compass is held still and level for six seconds (1 round), the gears within the compass will turn and orient the hand towards one object that has been loaded into the compass, provided it is on that plane of existence. An illusion of the object the compass is loaded with will appear on the face of the compass while its face is open. Loading an object into the magical device requires a 2nd-level divination spell.

Eingrim’s Tome: Emits blue (abjuration) and purple (enchantment) magic. This white leather bound tome is surprisingly hefty, with a leather strap built into the spine so that it can be carried over the shoulder. The golden clasps are runed so that only Eingrim and one other may open them. The tome holds Eingrim’s traveling spell book, filled with sketches, maps, and other bits and pieces of his travels. The back quarter of the book is blank. The spells contained are utilitarian in nature, giving no hint to Eingrim's specialty – necromancy.

Eingrim’s Wand: Emits orange (conjuration) and purple (enchantment) magic. A wand made of polished ivory with arcane runic inlays of gold is linked to Eingrim’s Tome. With the wand, he is able to cast one spell of each level as a bonus action, once per day per spell level.

Eingrim’s Robes: Emits gold (transmutation) and blue (abjuration) magic, both held together by a faint black (necromatic) binding (Arcana DC 18). Inside the white silk robes are scores upon scores of pockets. Most of the pockets have buttons that keep their contents secure, even when worn upside-down. The pockets at the back of the robe each contain a bleached white bone. Each bleached white bone placed in a pocket gives the wearer damage reduction against that species; this spell does not work for creatures that have no bones. The robes currently hold the bones of the following creatures: human, elf, dwarf, orc, tomanth, ogre, kobold, horse, dog, cat, ogre, troll, cow.

Eingrim's Hand: His left hand emits black (necromatic), purple (enchantment), and green (illusion) magics. He lost his hand to werewolves in late 1333, but got the hand back afterwards. He used the bones themselves to form the basis of a small construct that can operate independently, when necessary. The hand appears normal to untrained eyes, but he can remove it and send it on tasks of its own – and a translucent mage hand takes the place of his own hand until the construct returns.

5E Stats: 8th-Level Necromancer, 1st-level Artificer. Feat (Healer). HP 43, AC 12, STR 11, DEX 15, CON 10, WIS 12, INT 17, CHA 15. Skills (Arcana, History, Investigation, Medicine). Background (Researcher).

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