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The One

The leader of historic Elementis was always known as The One, a title reserved for he most powerful practitioner of the four elemental arts as well as the Chosen of all four elemental gods: Ayelin, Blervoncara, Dion, and Xoriah.

In the history of the Elemental Nation there were three such individuals known as The One. Their names have been lost to history, and few are even aware that there was more than one such individual with that title. The first of The Ones ruled from 4806 to 4850 Absolute. The second of The Ones ruled from 4851 to 4930 Absolute. The third of The Ones ruled from 4931 to 5052 Absolute.

The One was first and foremost a priest, selected by the gods to head the most powerful church in the land. Elementis' head was a political figure, keeping peace among the four elemental churches, as well as leading the military might of the nation against all of its many enemies. The One during the Shaping Wars was also a mage of considerable power – some say a necromancer.

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