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Avelar Mon Daern's Spellbook

The wizard Avelar Mon Daern was a quartermaster for the Karatikan war efforts during the Storm Wars. It was his task to set up way-stations and transfer points along the routes the armies of Karatika used, as they either advanced (or was more often the case) retreated from or against the Nathelians. Daern enchanted a number of different fortresses, so that the advancing Nathelians would not be able to utilize them; the fortresses would be reconfigured, and set up to be used elsewhere, should the time prove right. The wizard was slain when one of his fortresses was over-run by Nathelian berzerkers accompanied by several dracoliches, which quickly decimated the forces guarding Daern and his supplies.

Protection: With his ability to enlarge and reduce by considerable degrees, he was able to create the instant fortresses for which he was so valued during the Storm Wars. He kept a reference book inside each of those fortresses. Though the travelling spellbook could be reduced to palm-sized dimensions, and then enlarged back to normal dimensions, that function could only be done with a command word. Thus, his spellbooks were left in their greatly reduced state. As well, anyone attempting to open the bound and locked book without an additional command word, whether by picking its lock, or forcing it open, would be reduced in size to about half an inch.

Notes: The travelling spellbooks found within the fortresses tended to deal with mundane notes, such as supply and resupply points for the war efforts, tables for maintaining pay and food for the troops, and basic weaknesses of some Nathelian forces, such as Riks, the drow, and some of their more powerful undead minions. Perhaps most interesting in the books are common references to legendary figures, such as Avard Karatika, Vyrboth Liss, Rezjomon, and Tsidiviss.

Spells: Read magic, detect magic, cantrips, enlarge/reduce, enchant an item, permanency, Mordenkainen's disjunction, wish, antimagic shell, animal growth, enchanted weapon, wizard lock, mass charm, meteor swarm, succor, delayed blast fireball, solvent of corrosion, Mordenkainen's force missiles, proofing versus combusion, persistance, sphere of ultimate destruction.

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