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Decatur Mournlithe's Spellbook

Decatur Mournlithe was an enigmatic necromancer that fled Kur Maeth when the Fourth Crusade overran the city in 1319 Avard. Fleeing the crusaders westward, Mournlithe wound his way through the Ogre Nations, and into Rakore. After meeting up with the wild mage Delilah Altruine, Mournlithe hired out under a renegade noble in the Rakoran government. A swath of chaos and destruction, carefully timed and orchestrated by the noble, allowed Mournlithe to find an ancient spell that would allow him to determine the location of the fabled necrolibra of Demik Coruth. Mournlithe was defeated by chance just north of Avath on the Galanus River.

Notes: (Written in Common.) Decatur Mournlithe detailed his stay with the Ogre Nations tribe, 'the Bladed Tongues', occasionally writing in one of the ogran scripts. Many of his spells came from the ogre magi Eiddrak.

Spells: Detect undead, speak with dead, feign death, contagion, summon shadow, death spell, sacrificial maiden, cantrip, detect magic, read magic, animate dead, magic jar, hold undead, detect undead, chill touch.

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