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Durigar Sethmaul's Spellbook

The son of a master pirate and smuggler, Durigar Sethmaul the necromancer grew up in the perfect nation to study the Dark Arts – the Alekdan Principalities. Sethmaul made extensive use of his father's wealth and slaves to fund his secret research. Carefully placed bribes helped him hide from the Inquisition, and a small army of warrior slaves (namely orcs) prevented individual Seekers from finding him.

Sethmaul's fascination with necromancy stemmed not just from the evil of the Principalities; he used his connection with the dead to find out as much as possible about the gnomes. A capable seaman and navigator, he had followed the instructions of the dead to find one of the last of the gnomes. Too late, though, he found out that the gnome had been sold into the slave markets of the Principalities. He spent the next four years tracking down the legendary creature, devoting most of his resources and spells to the task.

Notes: (Written in Alekdan.) Durigar's handwriting was truly attrocious, and his native written language of Alekdan is a messy language; the notes are nearly illegible. Careful scrutiny will reveal that most of the notes in the spellbook deal with something called “The Legacy Project”, and the gnomes. Included in the book is a sketch of what Sethmaul believed to be the last gnome on Gaeleth. His last entries deal with procuring the enslaved gnome from its owner, a vile piratess that was trying to learn the art of illusions from her slave.

Spells: Animate dead, read magic, vampiric touch, pain touch, hovering skull, hold undead, bone club, ghoul touch, death recall, choke, detect undead, summon shadow, magic jar, hold portal, detect magic, cantrip, comprehend languages/confuse languages, dispel magic, wizard lock, remove curse/bestow curse.

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