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Forst's Spellbook

The var gauf Forst was one of Master Cole's tools to gather revenge on Malkir Vinaalaalus Rakor and Genecelot Foresthene after their battle in the cache Vault of K'Tath on Krikta Island. Forst was hired to send a deffinite message to the two individuals– by assassinating their underlings. Forst failed when the military ranger Gundar destroyed him, but not before the hired evoker could do some damage. It is rumored that Forst was one of a secret order of var gaufs that had survived through the Inquisition.

Protection: The book was protected by the captured spirit of another var gauf. Anyone opening the book and attempting to read from it without giving the command word to the bound spirit, has their brains scrambled, in effect becoming dumber.

Notes: (Written in Nutedaen; translation of spells in Common available.) Forst was a cool and calculating man, given to writing very little not essential to his spell studies. As such, there is little in the way of notes, save for several confusing remarks made about a 'Sodol Kir', and a strange map that details the location of 'Vasaneth', out on Krikta Island.

Spells: Read magic, detect magic, cantrip, alarm, magic missile, shield, wall of fog, copy, fire burst, Tenser's floating disc, disarm, flamespin, Nystul's flash, Otiluke's smoky sphere, flaming sphere, stinking cloud, web, Nystul's crystal dagger, Agannazar's scorcher, fireball, lightning bolt, Augmentation I, lightning bug, ball lightning, mist magic, forcewave, dazzle, combust, skyhook, invisible mail, manyjaws, whip of pain, darkning bolt.

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