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Kintala's Spellbook

A native of Lamental, Vridara, this necromancer came into his power late in life. Not knowing what it was, or how to use it, he quickly became easy prey for the Inquisitors. Fleeing for his life, he escaped westward into the Amaran lands, where he nearly died. Kintala the necromancer was rescued by one of Demik Coruth's hirelings, who recognized the necromantic potential in the man. Coruth revived the middle-aged man using his dark arts, and undertook to train and hone his potential. Seizing upon the kernel of evil in each man, Demik Coruth carefully plotted Kintala's spiral into darkness, using drugs, sex, and spellcraft to destroy any semblance of good in him. The apprentice necromancer took to torture and his craft with a renewed zeal, and was awarded the K'Tathian karasenth bracers for his digilence. He perished in a mage's duel in the very cache Vault that he had been sent to find, betrayed by Coruth's pirate hireling.

Notes: (Written in Common.) Kintala details his favorite drugs, and the deaths of his favorite play-toys. Portions of the manuscript are written in blood, and some pages of the hand-bound book are made of human skin; the necromancer details the process for making such blood inks and skin pages, as well. There are several historical references to the exploits of his master, Demik Coruth, but the drug-haze Kintala was in make these references distorted, and therefore unreliable.

Contents: Fireball, fireshield, fumble, shadow monsters, cantrips, corpse visage, ghoul touch, hovering skull, black mantle, shatter, mending.

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