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Leselle Anarkame's Spellbook

The abjurer Leselle Anarkame was the last mage to be caught by the Inquisition in Rakore. In 1321 Avard, she stowed away aboard a Gideon Enterprises ship, hoping to escape the Seekers that were after her for her magic-casting abilities. The priests nearly caught her on the docks of Karmen, but thanks to the intervention of the crew of the Heiro's Fist under Captain Derrik Drake, she escaped. Arriving in Teras, Rakore in the spring of 1322, she went to work for GE, organizing their mage's library, and acting as a teacher and mentor to the eleven mages then working in Rakore. In the fall of that same year, the Seekers discovered her, arriving aboard a Mikindim crusader vessel. The Seekers demanded justice, providing evidence that Leselle had killed a number of people back in Karmen. The abjurer admitted to the deaths, but claimed they were accidental, and in self defense. Pressure from Kur Maeth forced Rakore to hand the abjurer over to the Seekers for punishment, driving a wedge into Rakoran and Kur Maen relations. King Feldspar Graniteshoulders of Rakore swore that war would be done to the next government or god that persecuted the mages he had given protection to.

Protection: The abjurer was able to enchant her book with two protective spells that she built up, as time went on. If the command word is not spoken within six seconds of opening the book, a wall of fog immediately flows out of the book, and then a wall of ice forms around the book in the shape of a small dome. Each spell took one charge, but Leselle continually supercharged the book; there were nearly twenty charges stored in her travelling spellbook before she was taken.

Notes: (Written in Common.) Leselle laments the loss of her master spellbook in Karmen, and seeks to fill in the gaps in her memories. Many of the delicately written notes deal with her research into the protective magics, from defensive swords to shields of pure energy. The latter portion of her book seems entirely dedicated to the study of stone golems, and the golems of Thayer's Rock in particular. She details possible construction strategies, power sources, and the pros and cons of various stones, from marble to black basalt.

Spells: Read magic, globe of invulnerability, anti-magic shell, remove curse, protection from normal missiles, dispel magic, armor, scare, enchanted weapon, guards and wards, enchant an item, alarm, wall of fog, wall of ice, wall of stone, legend lore, magic mirror, detect magic, cantrip, hold undead.

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